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hope springs eternal

Look around today, and we ain’t in the best spot.

Inflation devours the buying power of the average man.

Soaring gas prices keep many folken stuck in their houses more than lockdowns did.

We’re collectively going through some wicked form of post-lockdown PTSD.

Stress levels have never been higher — thanks to our modern jobs and modern way of living. In fact, things like 5G, WiFi, even our food and water unleashes stress on our bodies.

And you know what?

I just described many of your customers.

Here’s why I bring it up:

In the world of copywriting, we’re taught to “press on people’s pain points.” And yes, while we should, there’s also a time and a place.

But you know what we’re not told as much?

Hope springs eternal.

If you’re just bullying people in their copy by pressing on their pain points, then, well, you’re just bullying them into never buying from you.

Hope is a powerful drug.

So here’s my message to you today:

Give people a dose of hope.

It’s a powerful persuasion tool, yes. But it also makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside — especially if you have an antidote to recession (like, say, learning a high-valued skill like copywriting).

Anyway, before I continue my ramblings longer:

Book a call if you need to give your email list a dose of hope (without sacrificing your sales).


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