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hol-eeeee mother of Poseidon

If you’re thinking about working with a freelancer, then, well, think again (unless, of course, it’s your trusty and humble narrator here).

True story:

I just got a message from a client about show notes copy for a podcast they had another writer write.


It was just god-awful.

One of the worst things I’ve ever read.

And it makes me question whether or not this particular freelancer had a mf lobotomy.

Here’s why:

For starters, the freelancer literally didn’t understand the assignment.

The assignment was simple:

Listen to a podcast, and write show notes for said podcast.

Pretty simple, right?

Guess not:

Apparently, this freelancer didn't even listen to the episode.

He had bullet points that didn’t make sense in the context of the episode.

His introductory paragraphs had NOTHING to do with the content of the episode. (For example, he wrote about sales people when the podcast episode was about tech leaders, and sales people weren’t not even mentioned once in the entire 21-minute episode.)

And the client got so pissed, that I was called in as the Freelancer Fixer-Upper.

Here’s the cold, hard, and raw truth about 99% of freelancers:

They suck.

They miss deadlines.

They don’t understand assignments.

And besides calling themselves “freelance copywriters,” they couldn’t write persuasive copy that generates revenue to save their sorry little souls.

Moral of the story?

If you don’t work with me, I recommend avoiding all freelancers.

If you do wanna work with a freelancer, you should ONLY work with me. Even if we don’t get the results we desire (which is unlikely, but possible), my IQ is above 80 and I’ve never missed a single deadline in my life.

It’s sad, but true:

You can’t say that about 99% of freelancers.

Wanna work with an actual pro (and not someone who LARPs as a “freelance copywriter”)?

Hit reply, and let’s chat.


PS - Also, I have an unrelated update…

Guess what happened yesterday:

My mom went back to the Animal Welfare League and bought another cat for my step-sister. Told you that the “double cat” upsell trick works like a charm.

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