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“hey, shut up, woman”

I got a message from a client on Slack today telling me to send over the invoice. Nothing’s better than an invoice paid day, and this’n ain’t no exception.

When I saw the message, I wanted to reply with a simple thumbs up, but I couldn’t figure out how to find the coveted emoji. So I asked out the following question out loud:

“How do you give a thumbs up?”

To which my woman replied from our bedroom:

“Just stick your thumb in the air.”

To which I replied:

“Hey, shut up, woman”

And she absolutely BURST into tears—just kidding guys, yeesh, she burst into laughter.

Believe it or not, there’s a powerful copywriting trick in that three-sentence interaction. (Don’t tell Peanut, but I use my marketing and sales know-how on her all day so she falls even more madly in love with me than she is now.)

The copywriting trick?

Keeping your audience on the edge of their seat.

Telling her to “shut up, woman” is so far off the beat and path of how I’d usually respond, that she burst into a giggle-fit.

And figuring out how to hone this “skill” with your email audience is the secret sauce to keeping readers engaged, hanging off the literal edge of their seat as they read each word, and, of course, getting them to whip out their credit cards the way the elites do at an Asian brothel.

Not honing this skill also causes many and many-a mistake like:

  • Why relying solely on short copy falls flat

  • Why only sending a monthly “newsletter” style email makes people forget who you are

  • Why using a design-heavy email strategy makes sales in the short-term but loses sales in the long-term

And I could go on and on.


I’m running out of real estate in this’n.

Hit reply if you’d like to grow your business more rapidly with email.


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