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Happy Birthday to me, here’s a free gift for you

I’m writing this on my birthday.

Spare me the happy birthday replies… by the time you’re reading this my birthday will have long passed.

Anywho, since it’s my birthday, I wanted to flip the script a bit and give you a gift:

I was recently interviewed on the Persuasion Play Podcast. Jeffrey and I had a great fkn chat—covering a lot of important copywriting, business, and freelancing topics.

In fact, checky some of the bullets Jeffrey wrote:

  • Why you shouldn’t take on the wrong clients. Hear why John dropped a near-perfect prospect when he raised a single red flag at the end of their sales call (Intro)

  • How to mine your immediate environment for ideas related to your niche. (Not everyone has the dangerous opportunity that John had… but here’s how to turn local news events into email paydirt!) (3:20)

  • Why doing the work teaches you far faster than reading about theory (4:07)

  • The “scary” career training that can make ANY career 100x easier (7:10)

  • Most copywriters read Halbert’s Boron Letters—but John resonates with Ben Settle’s “hard to read” books. Here’s why (8:08)

  • Not ready to start? Here’s what you do (8:35)

  • The best way to improve your copywriting isn’t writing more (and it isn’t reading more books either)—it’s this shortcut (9:15)

  • Why “doing everything for everyone” is the fastest way to struggle as a freelancer—here’s how to boost your positioning instead (11:50)

  • How to find copywriting clients—with zero budget (13:31)

  • When should you stop with your lead gen activities? (15:02)

  • A cringey cold outreach approach that gets attention—but the wrong type of attention (16:35)

  • How John took a supplement brand from a middling-six-figure company to a seven-figure brand with email marketing (17:13)

  • The trick to reengaging a dead list of 100,000+ subscribers to raise open rates and improve sales—will your clients let you do this? (18:42)

  • Good email marketing can do more than just sell products and services—here’s how consistent email can raise your brand’s positioning (20:03)

  • The VIP email sequence responsible for an additional $92k+ in sales in under 3 months (20:51)

  • Are you sending too many emails? Probably not—and here’s why (20:10)

  • How to stay FDA-compliant when you’re selling supplements (22:50)

  • The “MrBeast Method” to increase your copy’s believability (23:48)

  • What you can learn from Dragon Ball Z to help you avoid obvious sales tactics and formulas (26:13)

  • The valuable way to make your business competition irrelevant (28:10)

  • What you can learn about copy from your favorite podcasts (30:15)

  • The “sneaky email” that earned an additional $20k—without having a product to sell! (32:44)

  • How to get new stories, bullets, and insights from your clients that you’ll never squeeze out of them on your own (35:00)

  • The trap that new copywriters fall into that can slow your progress (everyone has to start somewhere… but if you’re in this position you want to get out as soon as you can!) (38:03)

  • How to set brands—including your personal copywriting brand—apart from others in your same space (41:28)

  • Neediness is the death of sales. Here are two sure-fire ways to remove neediness from your sales copy (42:40)

You can tune into our conversation here:

Now, for the bad news:

I’m not the owner of said podcast or podcast episode. If the link doesn’t work by the time you see this, then, well, Jeffrey took it down.

If that happens to you, hit reply, and I may be able to get your hands on our convo.



PS - Oops, almost forgot:

Need help growing your email revenue? Hit reply, and let’s see if we’re a good fit.

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