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Gen X marketer makes me rip my hair out

I’ve been “hairmaxing” for about three years now. I still get a fresh fade every month and a half or so, but my hair up top hasn’t gotten a proper haircut in years. As such, it’s long af. Well past my shoulders long. 

But this long hair might be coming to an end. 

No, not because of a haircut - it’s something much, much worse:

A gen X marketer! 

I’ve never encountered a more maddening, frustrating, and it's-time-to-rip-every-last-strand-of-my-luscious-locks person to work with. 

Here’s why: 

Despite not knowing what she's doing (and that’s being generous), she not only keeps pretending she knows, but she’s also assuming that I am the cause of the problems instead of herself. 

Let me explain… 

My client hired an agency to help him add more services to his ecom business. And she works for the agency, which is why I’m forced to work with her. Part of the contract the agency has with my client is setting up a funnel. Okay, simple enough. And I need to make sure that any leads from this funnel get routed into our Klaviyo account, so my emails can turn them into customers. 

Again, nothing revolutionary here. 

But we keep running into problems with Zapier - the tool that, in theory, should be able to connect these two apps. I’ve asked her several times if we could just add a bit of shortcode to the code of the funnel to turn the form into a Klaviyo one—by far, the easiest and most streamlined solution—to which she never answers. 

I’ve asked her this question three times and have yet to receive an answer. 

You’d think that mayhap she’s answering another one of my questions when she doesn’t answer this one/ But she doesn’t. Instead, she treats me like this is my fault (and I’ve already proven to her twice that it was actually her fault - and no, no apologies from her). 

Whenever she answers my Slack questions, she gives me a lame, basic-as-all-hell answer that I already knew. Couple days ago, after she sent me several more of these “basic-as-all-hell answers” I even recorded a Loom video to show her exactly why she was wrong (in an admittedly much nicer fashion than I’m being here). 

She replied with the same “basic-as-all-hell answer” that made it extremely obvious she did not even watch my mf video. I knew she didn’t watch it without even checking my email (Loom sends you an email when someone watches your video). 

When I called her out on it, she lied and told me she watched the video. But calling her out on it made her actually watch my video. 

After she watched it, she came back with a different “solution” that, you guessed it, still hasn’t worked. And if this Zap doesn't get set up soon I’m gonna tear every last strand of hair out of my head. 

Rant over. 

(For now at least.)

Moral of the story? 

Most marketers are the absolute scum of the earth. They lie. They overpromise. They underdeliver. 

But Gen X marketers might be the absolute worst of the bunch. 

In fact, I’d go as far to say that you should never work with a Gen X, Facebook Mom type marketer ever. 

Take this as a warning. It just might save you countless hours of frustration and an utter lack of results. 


If you want to grow your email revenue, hit reply, and let’s chat. 


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