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Gary Halbert’s mentee praises yours truly

I just received my favorite “testimonial” of my short little copy career.

It comes from a direct response legend, Doberman Dan.

This dude lived with and trained under the esteemed (and perhaps single most popular direct response copywriter ever) Gary Halbert.

And the best part?

This was for a sales letter — not an email.

Writing sales letters and writing my brand of direct response emails have a lot in common.

But writing sales letters is playing copywriting on “expert mode.”

They take much longer — at least 3 months from start to finish compared to the 30 minutes an email takes.

They target ice-cold audiences, meaning it’s much harder to get sales and every mistake you make could cost you the bag.

And this last sales letter I wrote clocked in at 5,616 words versus the ~500 words I’d write for emails.

They’re also way more profitable… potentially.

Yes, it took me about 3 months to research and write this ad.

Yes, it sucked at times.

But I also set it up to where I’ll make some shekels every time this ad makes a sale.

One last point before I reveal the “testimonial:”

No, I didn’t write this ad for Doberman Dan.

I wrote it for another business partner, and we used Doberman Dan as our quality assurance mf.

I’m excited to run the ad and see what it can accomplish.

But we’re still a couple months out from that. So this “testimonial” is the best thang I got.

Okay, enough build up.

Here it is:

“I REALLY like [the ad]!

I think your new hook/lead is right on the money. It hooked me!”

— Doberman Dan

Hooking Doberman Dan... not too shabby, eh?

(The client I wrote it for also said something along the lines of, “it was really FKN good.”)

Like I said, I’ll keep you in the loop on how it actually performs when we start advertising with it.

And if it does well, I’ll probably release a paid breakdown of some sort explaining why it works.

Because here’s the thing:

This was only my 3rd or 4th sales letter I’ve ever written.

So, I’m still a “rookie” when it comes to sales letters.

It’s also made my client emails much better.

And it will do the same for you. (Whether you write copy for clients or hire me to write your copy.)


If you need help with your emails—or a sales letter to promote a new business-changing offer…

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