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freelancer vs Feelancer

I’m coining a new term today:


And yanno what?

If’n you’re a freelancer, becoming a Feelancer just might be the most profitable decision you make.

And if’n you’re a business owner, I’m about to reveal why hiring a Feelancer can make you a whopping return on your ROI.


Since I’m in the middle of some website work, I went back to my trusty ol’ Fiverr account, and hired the same freelancer I worked with on website stuff two years prior to work on some more website stuff.

And that’s when it hit me:

He’s a freelancer, not me.

I hired him for a few odd website-related jobs way back in 2021. And when I needed more work done, I found him right in my direct messages on Fiverr.

I couldn’t do his job if you paid me: Constantly searching for new clients and more work via Fiverr, responding to every Fiverr DM at a minute’s notice like a deranged customer service rep because one delayed reply could wipe out the entire opportunity (and future opportunities), managing a million-and-one different requests and types of requests.

If I called myself a freelancer before, I was wildly mistaken.

Nay, I’m a Feelancer:

Someone who delivers top-tier results for a small group of long-term clients and commands outrageously high fees for said work.

Truth be told, I’d rather work with clients each and every month for years than random odd-job projects that pop up once every few years.

And yanno what?

As a freelancer, you should consider re-branding yourself as a Feelancer as I subconsciously did (just make sure you give Daddy credit when you do).

And as a business owner, then, well, you should seek out Feelancers (with a capital F!) instead of freelancers.

Yes, they may demand higher fees. (They are Feelancers after all.)

Yes, they may require more commitment on your end too.

But they can also help you reach your desired results faster than a freelancer could ever hope to.

Sure, the freelancer I worked with 2 years ago and am excited to work with again, does good work. But not crucial work. Not moving-the-bottom-line work. And not work that can result in you adding an extra 30%... 40%... or even 59% more revenue each and every month like I can.

Sumtin’ to think about as you go about your day.

And if’n you need a Feelancer to help with your emails, scale your business, and increase your freedom…

Book a call with me here. The best Feelancer I know (and as of this exact moment, mayhap the only Feelancer in existence), is just one call away.


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