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I woke up shivering.

The throw blanket Peanut loves, and that I stubbornly refuse to use, for a small (and cool) sheet did nothing.

And I mean NOTHIN’

So, half asleep I crawled up to her warm body for some much needed warmth. After getting adequately warm, I did my bidness in the bathroom. And as I was brushing my teeth, something startled me…

All the lights in the bathroom magically turned on.

Turns out, we lost power sometime last night.

(Ahhh, my sheet-loving ego no longer has to even entertain the idea of using a proper blanket.)

And you know what?

The whole “losing power without realizing it” experience reminded me of—well, you’ll never guess this, since I’ve been beating this dead horse for 492 emails straight… actually, maybe you will guess what it reminded me of—ecom brands.

Y’see, most ecom brands operate under the same pretenses as my shivering body did this morning:

They don’t know what they’re missing by not having an email professional design their strategy, write persuasive (and entertaining) copy, and turn their afterthought marketing strategy into their #1 marketing strategy.

As such, they make plenty-a foolish mistakes:

Like sending one email every month filled with “vAlUe” that literally nobody cares about.

Or copying what they see other ecom brands do, which this time of year (I’m writing this the week after Black Friday/Cyber Monday) means “extending” their Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale, robbing Peter to pay Paul while they do.

Or writing short, half-baked copy that has no emotional tie-in to their audience.

Or worst of all, staying stuck in their head about how they can turn “on” the powerful marketing machine that email marketing is, paralyzed by indecision, and going months without sending any emails outside of their abandoned cart flow.

In each of these cases, their “heat” ain’t on.

And you know what happens when your heat ain’t on?

Warm audiences become ice cold.

They forget who you are, or why they signed up, so they unsubscribe or report you as spam.

They don’t buy your products, or tell their friends and families about you.

They lose their trust in you to solve whatever problem that attracted them to your business in the first place.

This makes you opt for more expensive, yet less effective marketing channels.

And the list goes on.

Of course, the opposite is true:

Email marketing is like the furnace to your business.

It takes cold audiences, and warms them up.

It takes warm audiences, and makes them red-hot.

It takes red-hot audiences, and makes them diehard fans that find the nearest rooftop to sing your praises.

Now, of course, this only happens if you know how to write persuasive and entertaining emails.

But if you do?

People start looking forward to your emails each day, like they do for their favorite shows.

You give them a “mental break” from their lousy day.

And you create an emotional bond with them that makes your competitors irrelevant (even if they offer a superior product or service).

Now, I won’t pretend that this doesn’t take a lot of work. It does.

That’s the bad news.

The good news?

When you reply to this here email (and we hop on a call to make sure we’re a good fit), then, well, you can jump straight past this rather big learning curve, and start implementing my “furnace-style” emails lickity-split.

The result?

Well, who knows, you may just take your 6-fig business into 7-fig land.

Or, you may realize, in a few months time, that email drives 30-60% of your total monthly revenue.

Or that you have more freedom to do whatever you want while making more money while you enjoy time away from work.

But there’s only way to get this ball rollin, cully:

Hit reply.


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