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f*ck Murphy’s Law (kinda...)

I leave for Austin in two days (at the time of writing this). Peanut and I have a 6:05 am flight booked, and right on cue, Murphy’s Law came to disrupt my day.

First, my SIM card broke when I tried calling my accountant. Don’t ask me how. But I had to interrupt my day to go into Verizon to get it fixed. Not the end of the world, but annoying.

Then my accountant didn’t return my call. I wanted to get in to see her to see how badly the IRS is gonna screw me before I left for vacation. But alas, she didn’t call back.

To add to this…

One of my clients is over a week late with paying my invoice. Another one is 3 weeks late (and I’m thinking I’m gonna have to cut ties with this one). And another one is a couple months late — but he told me, and we’re gonna pick things back up in a couple weeks. (That’s more of his loss than mine, because consistency is the most important factor with email marketing.)


I’m not packed, either. This ain’t new. I loathe packing and always wait til the last minute.

And my schedule’s jam packed before our flight leaves.

I need to squeeze in a trip to the gun range, band practice, writing emails (for myself and clients), visiting my grandparents, packing, working out, and the list goes on.

You know what though?

While it may sound like I’m complaining, I’m not. In fact, I’m grateful.


Well, business is booming — and it gives me the freedom to accomplish everything I need to.

I can work from anywhere in the world, and plan to work while I’m in Austin, so I’m not hustling around trying to get two weeks worth of work done in a few days.

Despite all the ways Murphy’s Law tried to f*ck me, it could’ve been a lot worse.

And I’m gonna have an absolute blast in Austin while I balance working and traveling.

Here’s why I (probably) bored you with these details:

1. A dirt-simple way to transform negative things happening to you into a positive thing is by looking at them through a gratefulness perspective. Writing this email made me more grateful than I was 5 minutes ago before starting.

2. Respect Murphy’s Law — everything that can go wrong will go wrong. So handle your shit.

3. Every time I travel, I come back to a bigger business. I have no reason to expect that this won’t happen again.

Speaking about point #3

Here’s how you can make my vacation wildly profitable for you:

Book a time here. We’ll jump on a quick call. And if we’re a good fit, we’ll partner together and unlock hidden revenue inside your email. Mayhap even 264% more revenue than you’re making right now, which pays for my outrageous fees many times over.


P.S. I didn’t send this email until T-minus one day until I leave for Austin. So I have an update on how my gratitude changed the rest of my day:

Example #1 — My accountant called back, I went in, and got squared up with my taxes and my accountant.

Example #2 — I have another new client who is 90% in the book after he LOVED my quick test project I wrote up yesterday.

Example #3 — I made it to the gun range this morning and had an absolute blast.

Example #4 — I’m all packed up (besides my business stuff).

Example #5 — I received one (out of two) of my overdue client invoices.

Gratitude is borderline “guru-y” yes. But it works too.

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