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“excuse me sir, this is a Chewy”

Few days ago, I told you about the nightmare experience I had trying to play Star Wars Battlefront II.

And how EA Sports is a pathetic excuse for a company.

Well, here’s an update:

I still wanted to play last night, so I decided to hit up EA Sports’s live chat.


I feel even more confident in my conviction that they deserve to die a long, torturous death.

I told the support guy about my problems.

His response?

I deleted my account and there was nothing I could do.

I have no recollection of deleting my account. Maybe I did, but I don’t think so.

And it gets worse:

I asked him if I could log out of my “deleted” EA Sports account, so I can create another one and play the damn game.

His answer?


So, I’m luck outta shyt, I guess.

Compare that to a standup company like Chewy:

A story went viral recently because of Chewy and their excellence when it comes to customer service.

A Chewy customers’ dog died. (And before EA Sports did, what a disgrace. Why does EA Sports hate dogs?! … Okay, maybe I’m going a *bit* too far…)

And so she reached out to Chewy to see if she could return an unopened bag of her dead dog’s food. (At least all pups go to heaven <3 — I’m not tearing up, you are)

Chewy’s response?

First, they gave this grieving lady a full refund.

Then, they told her to donate the food to a local dog shelter instead of returning it.

And then…

A few days later, they delivered flowers to her house with a handwritten letter from the person she talked to.

Take note EA Sports. And businesses everywhere.

This is how you serve your customers.

This is how you develop an unparalleled sense of customer loyalty.

This is how you prove to your past customers, current customers, and future customers that you care about them.

And if’n you figure out how to create a “Chewy level” of customer service and client fulfillment?

Your days of success will be long and plentiful and profitable.

That’s a wrap for today.

If you want a partner who will write emails that make bank… And treat you like Chewy would if your dog just died…

Book a discovery call here to see if’n we’re a good match.


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