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Even Klaviyo had to compliment me

A few weeks ago, I warned you against taking advice from email software companies.

The reason being, these software companies care more about their software than your business. As such, they have you do a bunch of boneheaded things for their benefit at the expense of your success.

Well, funnily enough, I wrote that email smack dab in the middle of transferring one of my clients accounts from another email platform to Klaviyo.

And a few days ago, I had my last onboarding meeting with my onboarding specialist that almost made me rethink what I’ve said about email software companies.


She told me that I was one of the best people she’s worked with. In fact check out some of these stats I’ve recorded in just 74 days on the platform:

* Revenue from Klaviyo: $213,016

* Revenue from flows: $56,328

* Revenue from campaigns: $156,688

(I also sent one SMS which generated $1,751 and makes the math above check out.)

Not too shabby, eh?

These are the metrics my client and I prioritize, but I also crushed it with metrics Klaviyo cares about:

* Average open rate: 36.10%

* Average click through rate: 3.10%

* Average revenue per recipient: $0.21

Each of these metrics put us near the top of our industry’s benchmarks.

And it’s something that can improve by leaps and bounds with some better segmentation, which is one area I haven’t focused on yet because our account is still too new to Klaviyo to create better segments.

The result?

My client is happy, Klaviyo is happy, and yes, I am happy.

Which reminds me…

If you’re not hitting similar metrics in your email account, mayhap I can help.

Grab a time on my calendar here if you’d like to find out or are interested in working together.


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