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Eradicate this phrase from your vocabulary (if you wanna make more money from email)

I have a bone to pick today…

And it’s about a phrase that’s commonly used in digital marketing circles.

The phrase?

“Email blasts”

I’ve never used this dastardly phrase myself, and I cringe whenever I see it used.


Well, for one, and mayhap the most egregious of all the reasons, is that it undermines the relationship with your email list, which is the most important “asset” you own.

Imagine you’re hanging out with one of the people on your email list, and decide to shoot them.

That’s the weird connotation “email blasts” have. You “blast” your audience, and it makes them hate your guts.

For two, it’s unnecessary. You can simply call emails what they are, which is emails.

For three, I’ve noticed a similarity between everyone who uses the phrase “email blast:”

They never maximize the revenue their email marketing strategy brings. Methinks, if I’m allowed to play armchair psychologist for a second here, this is because of the negative connotation “email blasts” brings with it.

It reveals your inner insecurity about your brand. It shows how deeply you’re affected when people unsubscribe (which, in turn, shows your neediness) And it dupes you into basing your entire email marketing strategy from “blasting.”

I don’t send email blasts, I send emails.

Emails which can be entertaining, persuasive, informative, and deepen the relationship you have with your list.

Email blasts, by their very definition and the twisted mindset thinking in these terms gives you, cannot.

Email blasts ruin the relationship — and in my humble, but correct opinion, are only used by brands who have to offer bigger and bigger discounts for their products and services to make any sales.

My clients don’t send email blasts, and thus, don’t have to rely on discounts to make sales.

Tired of sending “email blasts,” that subtly make your email list hate your guts, and want to, instead, send emails that get replies from customers who say how much they love every email you send out?

Hit reply, and let’s chat.


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