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email with 8.3% click rate makes ZERO sales?! (yes, click rate… not click through rate)

If’n you know me (and if’n you don’t know me by now, I’m not sure why you’re still here after I’ve sent you over 400 daily-ish emails) I’m often talking smack against open rates, click rates, and click through rates.


Because these metrics, as “sexy” as they can look at times, ain’t nothing more than vanity metrics.

Case in point:

I recently sent an email for one of my clients that got an 8.3% click rate. Yes, click rate… not click through rate.

(Quick lesson if’n you don’t know the difference: The click rate is how many people clicked divided by how many people you sent the email to… The click through rate is how many people clicked divided by how many people opened the email.)

Now, I’ll explain why this email that got incredible click rates made zero sales (but heads up, it will probably disappoint you).

But if I were one of these low-integrity marketing mfs like many such freelancers are in this space, I’d probably screenshot the open and click rate and use this as a form of social proof since most buyers think open and click rates are more important than they are.

An 8.3% click rate would probably make a lot of suckers buy.

And that’s my point:

You can’t pay your bills with opens and clicks. Even a campaign that gets as absurd a click rate as 8.3% doesn’t help pay your bills if you make no sales from it.

Moral of the story?

Do your due diligence before hiring an email copywriter.

And if you see a campaign with a wildly high click rate (but doesn’t show how much revenue it generated), then, well I’d recommend running the other way, right into Daddy’s arms.

As for why this email made ZERO sales?

Well, I already warned you to be disappointed, so here goes nothing:

In this email, we didn’t promote a product.

In fact, we didn’t even link to our website.

Instead, it was an email pushing people to sign a relevant petition for the brand.

So, it should be obvious why the email made no sales. This email was the exception that proves the rule of using every email to promote a product.


Want to unlock an extra $10k, $20k, or even as high as $50k in hidden revenue in your email strategy—without the risk of a sociopath using doctored social proof screenshots to make him look better at his job than he is?

Hit reply, and let’s set up a call.


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