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email marketing even works in video games???

Funny story today:

I recently redownloaded GTA 5 (that’s Grand Theft Auto 5 for the uninitiated) to my PS4.

Well, when I was playing last night, I came across something I haven’t noticed before:

In GTA 5, your players get a cell phone. On said cell phone, you have different apps…

Maybe you can see where I’m going here…

But yes, GTA 5 not only has email, but they also have email marketing:

Gun companies like Ammo-nation (and other companies) send you marketing promotions from time to time.

So if anyone tries to tell you that email is dead, just tell em it lives in infamy in GTA.

(Quick side story: I once dove down a flat earth YouTube rabbit hole … for research purposes… and one of the dudes created a video saying “of course the earth is flat if it’s flat in GTA….)

And my younger cousin even spent hundreds of dollars on my credit card because it was connected to his GTA account. Not sure if he was spending absurd amounts of human money because of GTA’s email marketing, but let’s go with it.


I have a busy day today, and this is all I gots for you.

Book a call if you wanna copy GTA 5 and start sending emails to your list that back the Brinks truck up to your bank account.

I'll even give you a link for said discovery call: click right here.


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