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Ecom Cowboy Codes #4, #5, and #6

As a self-proclaimed Ecom Cowboy, a Cowboy without his Code is like an Epstein without his island.

(Too far?)

As such, here are the next 3 Ecom Cowboy Codes that I abide by most of the time.

If’n you don’t know what the Ecom Cowboy Codes are, shame on you. Instead of telling you again, search “Ecom Cowboy Code” in your inbox (while I pray you don’t delete the emails I send you).

Ready, set, goooooooooo:

Ecom Cowboy Code #4: Tease, tease, then tease some more

Perhaps nothing is as profitable as teasing your audience. Men spend ungodly amounts of money because they’re teased—and so will your customers if’n you do it right.

But this requires that you know what their hidden wants, needs, and desires are. Once you know this, then teasing becomes easy.

Instead of boring your audience with features and benefits, tease them out. Don’t reveal everything your product or service will do for them. Instead, make them sell themselves on it because you teased them.

I don’t wanna give too much away here, so I’ll leave it to you to figure out how to become a better tease in your copy ;)

Ecom Cowboy Code #5: Stories “disarm” your audience

“Facts tell, stories sell” is a popular platitude that fits the same motif.

But us Ecom Cowboys gotta step up our game a little.

Here’s how stories “disarm” your audience.

Your customers, at every opportunity they get, are secretly looking for ways to convince themselves that they don’t need your product or service. For every benefit you serve to them on a silver platter, they’ll create an objection for it in their head. And objections, especially when you don’t know them down to the exact words your customers will use, will kill the sale before you get another chance to shoot.

Stories disarm this natural tendency we have to create objections, which is a defense mechanism, evolved over thousands of generations of evolution, to protect yourself and your family.

And that’s the magic of stories:

Stories give your customers nothing to object to. This makes them instantly more persuasive than most other forms of persuasion.

Ecom Cowboy Code #6: Nah, nah, I'm a pop star, not a doctor

One cowboy ethic (note the lower case “c” in cowboy here) is to tell the truth. Same with an Ecom Cowboy Code:

Nah, nah, I'm a pop star, not a doctor

(Which is Drake slang for: Don’t doctor your results.)

What’s that mean?

Well, in the guru-filled internet marketing world, you can’t trust most internet marketers with your goldfish, let alone your business.


Because they’re hype beasts who lie at every chance they get.

They claim they’re better at their job than they are. They back this up with fake testimonials and screenshots. And many are literal con artists.

The Head Wordslinger In Charge does not abide to lies.

And neither should you.

Not only will having a general mistrust for internet marketers protect your bizness and your wallet, but it will also make you more persuasive automatically—because when you don’t have to rely on lying to make sales, your credibility skyrockets.

Write these 3 new Ecom Cowboy Codes on your wall, ideally next to the first 3 Ecom Cowboy Codes I wrote about a few months back. And I’d advice keeping the wall around your 6 Ecom Cowboy Codes open, because we’re just warming up here.

In the meantime, if you need a wordslinger that not only abides by these Codes, but quite literally created them, then hit reply.

If we end up working together, who knows, but you just may see a 3x increase in your monthly revenue.

Wordslinger out,


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