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dummy unsubscribes from my emails (what a dummy)

I checked the health of my list in my new-ish BirdSend account yesterday. 

(Quick aside: If you click that BirdSend link above and sign up for the service which is cheaper and more effective than most email marketing softwares out there, we both get a bunch of free bonuses.)  

And you just won’t believe what I saw:

Not only did a dummy (and not only a single dummy, but multiple dummies) sign up for my email list, but a dummy (and by extension, not only a single dummy, but multiple dummies) gasp unsubscribed! 

So, I figured I’d dissect what’s happening here. 

Of course, I make “dummies” unsubscribe all the time: I remember just a few short months ago, I wrote an email calling out freelancers who are allergic to deadlines and, y’know, working. It didn’t color me shocked not a bit when I saw a big wave of the exact freelancers I called out unsubscribe. 

But the dummies I’m talking about today are a different beast. 


Well, for one, they’re not real dummies. Or mayhap they are real dummies, but not real people. 

Case in point: 

One of these such emails was quite literally

Another one was

And the third for our analysis today was, wait for it,

Best part? 

There’s a very good chance there’s only one person behind each of these dummy email addresses. They did all sign up one right after the other. 

Why would someone make not-a one, not-a two, but-a three dummy accounts to join the best daily-ish email list this side of the ‘sippi?

Well, I offer a free PDF copy of my book to everyone who subscribes to my emails as my way of thanking them. 

But unfortunately for the dummy in question here, I outsmarted him. 

Y’see, many brands will ask for an email address for their lead magnet or introductory discount code. But then they deliver said promise on the very next page, on the thank you page. Meaning, a dummy could come in, fill in the form with any variation of dummy, some numbers, at gmail dot com and get the free lead magnet for, well, free. 

(These guys sure are brilliant aren’t they? It would take far less time signing up with your real email address, then unsubscribing immediately after the promise gets delivered.)

But I didn’t do that. 

I wanted to prevent bounces and dummies from joining my email list. 

That’s why I don’t deliver my promise, in my case, the free PDF copy of my email marketing book, on the thank you page. Instead, I send it in the very first email someone gets when they join my list. 


There’s a-plenty of a-lessons to apply to your own business here if’n you’re wise enough to spot ‘em. 

Onto business: 

If you need my help doubling, tripling, or mayhap even quadrupling your revenue over the next few months via email, hit reply, and let’s see if partnering together makes sense. 


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