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Get a load of this story I got for you today:

If you watch the NBA, you’re familiar with one Ben Simmons.

He’s a 6’10” point guard, who’s played on multiple all-star teams, almost won defensive player of the year a few times (I think), yet has only made 5 career three pointers (on 29 total attempts).

If you don’t watch basketball… Steph Curry changed the way everyone plays. And, usually, point guards like Ben are the best 3-point shooters on their team.

And this ain’t even the worst part…


Last playoff season, Ben played for the 76ers. They were in a close playoff series against the Hawks, where Ben passed up a wide open layup (which anyone reading this could’ve made, even if you never shot a basketball in your life), to pass the ball to his teammate to take a much lower percentage shot.

His teammates and coach kinda attacked him for this. And rightly so.

But y’know what?

This still ain’t the worst part:

After that all-time screw up and hate he got from his team, Ben decided he wasn’t gonna play for the 76ers again.

They didn’t trade him to the Nets until the trade deadline. And in the sports world, Ben’s return to basketball excited people.

Only one small problem:

He never came back (even after the Sixers traded him to the Nets).

His reason?

(And remember this mf didn’t play one minute this season…)

As soon as the Sixers traded him, he miraculously got a back injury.

And y’know why?

It was a “stress-induced” back injury.

The theory goes:

His mentals are so fvcked beyond belief from last year’s playoff series that it resulted in…

Physical pain!

Which brings me to the point:

“Mind over matter” is about as cliche as you can get.

Except it ain’t a cliche.

Ben makes millions—and MILLIONS—of dollars. He makes about $35 million a year and is guaranteed $177 million over 5 years.

But he didn’t play once all year despite being healthy (besides his “stress-induced” back pain he experienced after going to the Nets).

On a related note:

Stress can be a serious, business-bankrupting problem if’n you don’t know how to handle it.

One thang entrepreneurs stress over is making enough money every month to pay their bills, employees, and themselves.

In my biased (but true) opinion, building a loyal and engaged email list of buyers is one of the best ways to “protect” your business from going belly up.

Not to mention… when you make money every time you press “send,” the stress just melts off your shoulders.

Here’s why I bring it up:

If you need help crafting your strategy, sending emails people love to read and buy from, and laughing to the bank while you do…

Without lifting a finger in this process yourself…

Hit reply and let’s chat.

The way I see it?

Some of you will take action on this. And a year from now, the only money worry you’ll have is if you should stay at a 5-star hotel or rent a mansion on Airbnb mansion (cleaning fees be damned!).

The ones who don’t?

Your stress will keep climbing as inflation ticks up to 10… 12… maybe even 15% (or higher).

Don’t be the Ben Simmons of your industry.

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