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Don’t be King Dingaling

One of the podcast shows I work on is for this ultra successful real estate investor turned businessman.

Dude has 7 or 8 businesses.

All in different industries.

And what’s funny is he grew up in a tiny trailer park in some bumfvck town outside of Columbus.


He’s a multimillionaire.

And one of the concepts repeated ad nauseum on his show is about King Dingaling.

Back when he was in his 20’s, he was the King Dingaling.

He would buy the nicest suits to try to impress other mfs (even though he’d rather rock a pink polo).

He’d pump out and beat his chest about how much money he made (even though, compared to today, he was “broke” at the time, only bringing in around $100k).

And he was always the smartest person in any “room” he walked into.

In other words…

He was a fraud.

Okay, maybe fraud is a little harsh. It’s not like this dude still lived with his parents in his trailer park.

But clearing 6 figures and clearing 8 figures is a wildly different game.

It’s the same difference between making 100k a year or not even sniffing 10k a year.

And there are a lot of King Dingalings in any given industry, especially on Money Twitter.

And you know what?

You might be the King Dingaling in your industry or group.

Here’s the lesson you oughta drill into your head:

When you’re the smartest person in the room, you get no benefit from anyone else in the room.

But when you’re the dumbest?

Every other person in the room can give you a million or multimillion dollar idea.

That’s the difference.

King Dingaling is successful, yes, especially when compared to the average person.

But he’s trapped.

And his ego won’t let him ask for help (even if that help could add another 0 to his bank account).

Don’t fall into the trap of King Dingaling.

Complacency breeds mediocrity.

And when you’re King Dingaling?

Complacency you become.

Alright, onto business:

If you wanna back up a Brinks truck to your bank account every time you send an email, book a call.

If we’re a good fit, you won’t even have to hit send to make money from email. Because, of course, I’ll do that for you.


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