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Distractions will ruin everything you love

I did podcast show notes for a client recently, and he mentioned something startling:

It takes around 30 minutes to regain your focus after getting distracted (even if it’s only for a few minutes).

This devours your freedom and free time in a jiffy if you’re not careful.

And we’ve never had more potential distractions at our fingertips. Like social media, checking emails, group chats, Netflix, YouTube, the list never ends. And you know what? Even helpful content can become a distraction or an insidious way to procrastinate.

Now, the logical thing to do here is to remove distractions.

But it’s not the most effective way to flex your concentration muscles.

In fact, check this out:

When Tiger Woods practiced putting as a kid, his father intentionally distracted him.

He’d jingle his keys. Drop coins into a cup. And make other obnoxious noises.

And that’s at least part of the reason Tiger enjoyed more success than most professional golfers combined.

Here’s the point:

You can’t get rid of distractions.

But you can control their impact over you.

And when you do that?

The world is your oyster, cully.

Because the more you can focus, the more you can accomplish.

And speaking of distractions… my girlfriend and dog are both sick today lol.

Anyway, that’s all I got for you today.

Wanna make more money by working less, so distractions don’t ruin your life?

Book a discovery call if you have a proven offer and email list.

And let’s take our bank accounts to the moon.

Everyone else?

I’ll send you a fat check for any referral you send my way.

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