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Cormoran Strike-approved market research

One of my not-so-guilty pleasures as of late is Robert Galbraith’s murder mystery series starring Cormoran Strike, private eye. I “swiped” this series on the great Jim Clair’s recommendation. And boy, is it captivating.

(For those unfamiliar, Robert Galbraith is J.K. Rowling’s pseudonym.)

I’m three books down in the series already, and in each book, Cormoran Strike outclasses the police due to his incredible insights as a detective.

And you know what?

I recently used some of Strike’s detective abilities in my own life — something that you can and should use for own market research purposes.

That said, my story today comes from my personal life:

Peanut’s birthday is fast-approaching. We’re less than a week out from it as I write this. And if you’re anything like me, buying birthday gifts ain’t as easy as our female counterparts make it out to be.

I procrastinate. I buy her any linked product she sends me (usually from Etsy), which is a good way to not offend, but also to not surprise. And the act of shopping itself is tiresome and boring.

But I did thangs a little different this year:

Y’see, I’ve been doing some covert detective work for the past month or so. Every time Peanut and I go shopping, I jot down things she pointed out in the store in my notes folder. I’ve even convinced her to go to our shopping mall with me, so I could watch her go into stores, find things she likes, so I can surprise her with them for a change for her birthday.

It’s the same way Strike takes painstaking notes whenever he’s interviewing anyone.

Or another analogy:

It’s the same way smart marketers and copywriters go to where their ideal clients hang out, and hang out with them.

Now, this ain’t sexy. There aren’t any shortcuts to this process. Which is why most marketers neglect it, and are worse off for it.

But here this:

This is a powerful way to write infectious copy that sells, to retain clients for the lifetime of your business, and to provide the maximum amount of support to the people you’re trying to help, i.e. your customers.

And the cherry on top?

I’ve never been more excited to gift Peanut her presents this year. If you take this advice and act on it, you’ll never feel more excited to press send promoting a product that you know your customers need to make their life better.

Ah, ain’t business glorious.

Which reminds me, if business ain’t as glorious as it could be for you, book a call here. If we’re a good fit, I’ll approach your email strategy like a private eye, investigating everything, and unlocking more and more email revenue.

Your call, hotshot. I’ll be here, waiting.


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