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copywriter loses a $4k container

Saw this tweet from a reputable copywriter on Twitter (@fraseralex1):


just lost my easiest $4k/mo retainer (~10 hours of work per month) because I submitted something a day late (& coupla other minor things)

neva get too comfortable



I feel for him. I hope he bounces back from it. And I’m sure he will.

But he brings up a valuable lesson:

Comfort is the enemy of progress.

I don’t know how long he worked with this particular client. But I’d guess it’s been some time.

And the weird thang about working with clients for an extended period of time is this:

You get comfortable.

That said, if you deliver results, the client also gets comfortable too. And it’s easier to bounce back after a mistake with long-term clients than it is for new clients.

And yanno what?

This applies to all types of businesses and industries.

If you want lasting success?

You can’t get too comfortable.

Whether that means building new products and offers… expanding your skill set… identifying and fixing any holes in your business… and the list goes on.

It won’t always be easy.

In fact, it probably will suck.

Comfort is addicting.

But it’s also deadly.

And could cost you $4k, $40k, or even $400k.

Just sum thought for food.


Need an email copywriter who won’t miss deadlines and help you stack fat stacks of cash?

Even if we don’t work together, I’ll give you some free ideas you can steal.

But—and this is a big, fat, ugly BUT—only hit reply if you have a proven offer and email list.


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