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Cold email sucks (here’s why I use it)

I hate cold email.

It sucks.

It’s time-consuming.

It’s spammy.

It obliterates your positioning (much better to be the hunted than the hunter).

And it sucks. (oops didn’t I already say that?)


I have a confession to make:

Cold email is how I’ve grown my freelance business.

It sucks, yes. And it’s not one of my “unique abilities.” Which is why I outsourced it to an agency. (Lesson in there)

But it works.

And if you’re too scared send cold emails?

You ain’t ever gon’ make it cap’n.

Because it works.

And y’know what?

While cold email sucks, I love it.


Well, it’s easy to stand out from the masses of Nigerian princes who offer $1.65 trillion dollars via cold email. Or the “we do SEO, build websites, assure your website is sleek, post on social media, etc., etc., etc.,” pitches I get from Indian “we do everything” companies. And since I’ve generated absurd results for me clients, it’s easy to stand out from other copywriters who aren’t god-awful at cold email too.

And if you have trouble finding new clients but aren’t cold emailing, well, maybe you should try.

So what’s the point in this email?

I don’t know. Maybe you got something from it. Maybe not.

But here’s a lesson I can pull out my buttcheeks:

Don’t knock it before you try it.

Which applies to far more than cold email.

Take email marketing for example:

Email marketing ain’t sexy.

Many dummies yell about how “eMaAl Is DeAd.” As they post their pitches in another Facebook group without landing new clients.

And it’s not new or exciting like running TikTok ads or being a Twitter ghostwriter.

But it makes the cash register hit a falsetto that makes you think Prince was reincarnated.

Don’t believe me?

If we’re a good fit, I’ll prove it to ya.


Grab a time (here!) and let’s see.


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