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“but won’t people HATE getting so many emails?!”

‘Tis an objection that every email marketer on the planet hears.

Well, here’s how to make this objection look at silly as it is:

Almost every ecom brand owner I talk to says the same thing when I mention that you need to send more emails. They foolishly project that because they hate receiving emails that their customers will hate it too. Then you have a few fools on said email list who confirm these false suspicions by being reply guys who say they hate receiving more emails.

The trooth?

Reply guys ain’t ever gonna buy anyway.

The owner of a brand is NEVER the ideal customer.

And the only logical reason you wouldn’t wanna send more emails to your list is because you hate money—and if’n you hate money, then, well, I don’t wanna work with you.

I say the same thing—give or take—to prospects when they give me this objection over Zoom.

Then, I back it up with this:

There are 3 main buckets all customers fall into:

1. Hyper buyers who are gonna buy anything you sell without so much of a nudge

2. Mull it over buyers who need to mull over all the options, constantly be reinforced that they’re making the right decision, and that will open and read each email during their journey from thinking it over to being sold on a product

3. Non-buyers who would never buy even if you paid them to buy your product

Reply guys fall into group #3. And an unintended benefit (yes… benefit) of sending more emails is that you force these lower form humans to unsubscribe before they infect you with their misery and trick you into making unwise business decisions.

By sending more emails, we’re actively targeting group #2, otherwise they’ll go spend their moolah with your competitors.

But still, it’s an annoying objection to have to strike down every time it comes up.


Wanna piss off reply guys who would never buy from you anyway—while also targeting this “mull it over” group who need more information before they decide to buy or not?


PS - This is something like 350 straight daily emails I’ve sent you, which is more proof that people don’t get pissed off by your emails when you do it right.

Food for thought

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