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I haven’t written an email to this list in almost two weeks. Now, only some of you will notice this — others are still way behind in my autoresponder series, continuing to get daily emails.

Here’s where I’ve been, why it matters to you, and some other lessons you can apply to your emails and business:

First, something in Aweber broke, and it wrecked my momentum.

Worst part?

It wasn’t even anything major.

Here’s what hap’n’ed:

I hit the limit in my first autoresponder, so I had to create a tag for everyone who finished that to enroll them in another autoresponder.

Well, it didn’t work for the first couple of days. So, I used it as an opportunity to focus on client work instead.

But I also didn’t realize this little glitch would cause me to miss almost two weeks of daily emails.

With my newly wrecked momentum, I’ve also been busy with client work. I’m coming off one of my best months ever, which means more emails than normal. Plus, tis the Black Friday season. So this made it easier to focus on client work and violate my first rule of business: Work for yourself first.

I also enjoyed life a little bit:

I had three straight days of enjoyment: First, I went to a Steelers game. The next day I went to a concert in Cleveland with Peanut. The day after, I hit up another concert with Peanut and two guys I played in a band with years ago.

I still worked during these days, but I had much less time than normal, so I had to focus on the work that pays my bills, which was my client work.

Then, another week and a half slipped by.

Here’s the important part for you to take home, and apply to your business:

Losing a little momentum goes a long way.

Sometimes I miss a day or two of daily emailing, and I chalk it off to no big deal. But stringing together multiple days, then weeks, just absolutely obliterates your momentum.

Years ago, I made a counterintuitive realization:

It was easier to go to the gym 6x per week than it was to go 4x per week.


Because even though 6x per week is “harder,” it keeps your momentum intact.

So it is with anything else you do:

Emails, YouTube videos, podcast episodes, yada yada yada.


We’re back in action.


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