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brain broke

Today’s my first day officially back from my vacation. (Disclaimer: at the time of me writing this, not when you reading this.)

I’ve been slammed with meetings all day — 4 hour long ones to be exact.

I have a bunch of work to catch up on.

Annnnnd my brain’s broke.

Case #1: It just took me double (mayhap even triple) the amount of time it’d normally take me for a simple copy project.

Case #2: I forgot to write this email in the morning — so I’m writing it at 8:30 pm.

Was it because I drowned myself in meetings today?

Yeah, probably.

Was it because I haven't written a word of copy in two weeks?

Guessing so.

Was it because I fvcked up my routine?

Yeah, that too.

And we can’t forget I’ve been staring at a screen for 10 hours today.

Ah, online business.

Give and take.

Maybe there’s a lesson in there for you to chew on. Maybe not.

Since my brain’s broke, I’ll leave you with this:

But you must have a proven offer and a list.


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