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Blocked by Ramit Sethi

Sometime last week, I saw a screenshot of mayhap the worst tweet my poor eyes ever had to suffer through reading.

Of course, it was from one Ramit Sethi — the world’s best virtue-signaling, pearl-clutching, woke copywriter. It was his version of the “in this house, we believe science is real, women rights are human rights, etc.” garbage you see in the lawns of your town’s best virtue signaling lefties.

When I went to go make sure the tweet was real, I realized I had stumbled upon a copywriting rite of passage of sorts:

Ramit Sethi blocked me on Twitter.

If my memory serves me correctly, I believe ol’ Ramit blocked me because I asked him why he doesn’t voluntarily pay more taxes since he’s such a big fan of raising taxes on the rich.

Of course, I already knew the answer:

Poor ol’ Ramit couldn’t virtue signal about how morally superior he was if he donated more of his money to the government instead of screeching about raising taxes on the rich, which, more often than not, means the middle class, not the rich.

Moving on.

I’m not just gonna trash Ramit without giving you a lesson:

Few days later, I caught a clip from Joe Rogan’s podcast where he and Andrew Schulz were, right on cue, talking about woke people.

Their advice?


“Stay away from woke people, it’s an obvious sign they’re sociopaths.”

My advice?

Stay away from woke copywriters like our friend Ramit here. Because being woke is an obvious sign you’re a sociopath.

And you do not want to end up working with a woke sociopathic copywriter.


They lie, cheat, and steal. They doctor social proof, reviews, and testimonials. They’ll ghost you — sometimes even after you pay them. Or you’ll pay them only to realize that they cut and pasted an entire email, sales letter, landing page from someone else and claimed it as their own.

The worst part about this group of people?

They play a big game on social media (social-media-paths). They probably have lots of followers. And they use it to hunt down their prey, i.e. you — the innocent business owner.

Sociopaths have no conscience.

And they use that to their advantage, like our friend Ramit here.

Anywho, make sure before you hire anyone—and especially before you hire a copywriter—that they’re not a woke sociopath in disguise.

Do your due diligence.

Hiring the wrong person can cause your business to crash and burn. Hiring the right person can unlock more growth, freedom, and wealth than you can even dream about right now.

Choose wisely, my cully.

And go get yourself blocked by Ramit on Twitter. You ain’t missin anything special.

In fact, I’ll take it a step further:

All my homies hate Ramit Sethi. As do the best modern copywriters living today like Ben Settle, Jim Clair, and Shane Hunter.



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