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Ben Settle vs John Brandt???

My all-time favorite email copywriter is one Ben Settle.

I owe that dude an arm, a leg, and at least a few toes for my copywriting career.

He introduced me to copywriting and email marketing back when I was a lost and confused future college dropout. I first heard him on a podcast on my way to my stats class, and I decided at that moment that I’d drop out of college and start my career.

And, well, the rest is history.

I flowered Ben with praise so you don’t take this next part outta context. Because I just received my all-time favorite compliment to date (and I once had someone compare my copy to Gary Halbert).

This compliment comes from Christian — a subscriber here and a copywriter for The Podcast Factory (the company who produced that Ben Settle podcast I heard), and of which I am the Copy Chief for.

Anyway, here’s what Christian told me:

“Thanks man, really appreciate it. This stuff (the critique + the business advice) is legit the best thing that's happened to my copywriting career. Like Ben Settle's newsletter is alright, but it's pretty expensive and I'm not getting any of the value like I am here.”

Hot damn, thanks Christian.

Now, I’m *not* saying I’m a better email copywriter than Ben Settle. That’s like saying Will Smith is a better actor than Brad Pitt because he just won an Oscar.

But Ben doesn’t do client work, like I do. Nor does he do critiques, like I do.

Which means, I’m better suited to help young and hungry copywriters like Christian than Ben is.

Are you a young and hungry copywriter too?

Sign up for my daily emails here. Read them every day. And reply to any of ‘em if you’d like a copy critique. It costs you $100, but you’ll learn more (in my obviously biased opinion) from a $100 critique than scouring through old copywriting books or buying yet another course.

If you want a critique, here are the rules:

1. You can’t go overboard with this. Which means, I’m not gonna review your 5,000+ word sales letter for a hundred bucks.

2. You only get one piece of copy critiqued, but it can be anything. Emails, bullets for your sales letter, website copy, landing page copy, etc.

3. You can submit as many pieces of content you’d like. But each one is $100.

If’n you wanna take advantage of this, here’s what you have to do:

1. Send me an email after joining my list and let me know you want a critique.

2. I’ll send you an invoice for 100 smackers (USD). Once you pay that, I’ll open your copy.

3. I’ll record a short Loom video and leave comments in your Google Docs.


As for you bidness owners…

One of the “perks” of working together is I become a partner in disguise. Which means: I may be able to help you answer tough business questions, avoid making silly mistakes, and be an open ear for you to bounce your ideas off of.

That’s, of course, in addition to writing your emails, managing your email backend, and implementing a strategy that lines your pockets and builds a loyal fanbase of customers.


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