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banging out copy when you’re sick as a mf…?

Let’s do a little experiment:

I’m sick as a mf dog today.

Can I still write an email?

We’ll see…

So here’s the story:

I came down with a wicked cold last night.


Well there are a few reasons I might have caught something:

1. My last workout nuked my central nervous system to the point where I could barely keep down my breakfast.

2. The weather here in Ohio has never been more bipolar.

Check this out:

A week or so ago (again, at the time I’m writing this… not when you’re reading it) it went from 18 degrees to 70 degrees in 24 hours.

Fast forward a week…

When I went to the gym (see point #1), it was 60 when I walked in. 40 when I walked out an hour later. Then it shot back up to 60 degrees again.

In other words: I dealt with a 20 degree swing twice in a couple of hours.

But this last one is probably the biggest reason…

3. My sleep this week sucked.

There were a couple of days when I only got around 4 hours of sleep.

And here’s the lesson:

It’s easier to write this email when I’m sick as a dog than it is when I get shyt sleep.

Is this my best email?

Probably not.

But it still provides a valuable (and overlooked) lesson:


Speaking of which, I’m about to take a cat nap and see if’n that helps me feel better.

In the meantime, book a call if you have a proven offer and decent-sized list and wanna make it rain whether you’re sick or not.

No offer or list? Refer me a new client and I'll split the first month witcha if you're on my email list. (Figure it out, there are forms all over this site.)

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