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are phones sabotaging humanity?

My iPhone XR is on its last leg. None of the various speakers works — making it difficult to conduct client calls on the go. It’s slow as molasses. And the battery doesn’t last more than half a day.

Which means I’m in the market for the new iPhone. In fact, I just pre-ordered my iPhone 14 Pro yesterday — and I’m hoping it will last me until the iPhone 18 comes out.

Here’s why I bring it up:

I haven’t backed up my current phone to iCloud since 2019 — before Peanut and I met. And since I don’t wanna lose all our pictures together, I had to do a massive backup on my phone.

For those not familiar, iCloud backups require Wi-Fi, a full-ish charge, and hours upon hours of time — especially when it’s been 3+ years since your last backup.

And so, over this weekend, I left my phone at home all day while Peanut and I ran errands.

First we went to Guitar Center and I bought an acoustic mini bass that I played from the passenger seat as we ran our errands. We visited the local fruit farm. Went grocery shopping. Got pedicures (laugh now, but my feet feel amazing). And we ran a bunch of other errands.

My conclusion?

Phones are sabotaging humanity.

It’s been a while since I spent an entire day without my phone. But not having my phone forced me to diddle around on my new acoustic mini bass when we drove. It made me more present as we strolled up and down aisles at the grocery store. It led to better conversations between me and my lady. And it helped me relax more during my pedicure.

In fact, not having a phone on me at all times felt so good that I want to make it a more regular occurrence. Maybe I’ll go one day a month without my phone.

Because here’s the cold, hard truth:

Your phone tries to steal your freedom.

You log onto social media, and now you’re stuck watching other people’s highlight reels, becoming discouraged. You check your email, and now there’s 10 other people vying for your attention instead of giving it to the ones you love most. The more you browse on your phone, the more you look down and fvck up your neck.

The “cons” list of having a phone on you 24/7 goes on and on.

But the important part is this:

Your phone actively tries to steal your humanity.

Maybe you can do sumtin with this information. Maybe not. But I’d be doing you a disservice if I didn’t share.


It might sound crazy… but silly emails like this drive an unbelievable amount of cold, hard cashola directly into your coffers.

And so, if you need help scaling your business and unlocking the kind of freedom to where you can spend an entire day without your phone… book a call with me here, and let’s see if partnering makes sense.



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