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an update on that product launch

Couple days ago, I shared a cautionary tale about how launching a new product in the middle of a website launch is a terrible idea.

I spent a good couple hours later that day creating a part 2 product launch, which I’ll send soon.

But I have an update on the product launch:

In my email a couple days ago, I told you that the campaign would probably clear $20k in revenue by the time I finished that email.

Well, that was a lie… kinda. It didn’t clear $20k by the time I finished my email.

But it did clear $20k by the end of the day.

And when I checked it today (a day later from when I wrote that email), it’s clocking in at $29,715.63.

(When I checked again today... four days after writing this email and switching back to our old site... the campaign generated $41,086.52 in revenue.)

Not too shabby for a product launch that launched when our website didn’t work.

If I was a betting man, I’d bet that it will clear $30k total by the end of the day today. (It did, and went on to clear $40k.)

And you know what?

Since I spent a few hours creating a “part 2” of this product launch yesterday, we’ll clear $50k easily.

And who knows… it may even be higher (especially considering our website works this time around).

What’s the point of this email?

I don’t know if there is one. Well, there’s this: Switching back to our old website generated an extra $19k outta “thin air.”


Need help creating product launches that can generate $10k, $50k, or mayhap even $100k in new revenue for your biz?

Book a Discovery Call with me here. And let’s see if partnering together makes sense.


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