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An overlooked, yet crucial piece of software your business needs

Today’s story won’t wow or shock or surprise anyone (hopefully). 

But ‘tis an important biz lesson regardless. 

Lemme set it up for you before revealing the “secret” (if’n you can even call it that, which you probably can’t). 

Since parting ways with my lead gen agency, I’ve been looking for other agencies and partners to fill the role. 

(Lesson in there) 

And I met with a bloke a few weeks ago and decided to at least give him the ol’ try try try. 

Everything went smoothly throughout the process. He had a certain kind of positioning I was after, which made the decision easier for your humble narrator here. 

(Another lesson in there) 


Fast forward a week or so, and he gives me his quote and invoicing app. 

Only one teeny tinsy problem here: 

The invoicing app he used was incredibly difficult to set up on my end. He’s in another country, so I’m gonna assume that was the cause. But you had to add money to this business first (why?), then it was actually charging me (the client in this case) the processing fees and what have you (this is also something I pay when clients pay me, so I’m not gonna expecting to pay these fees here too), and it got to the point that I decided I wasn’t gonna use this invoicing software at all. Even if that meant I had to find another freelancer or agency to help with lead gen. 

I mentioned all this to the bloke. And he showed himself to be on Team Client, immediately acquiescing to my demands, which I appreciated. 

(Another lesson in there)

Then I gave him the invoicing app I primarily use (Square). 

He sent the invoice over, I paid, and hopefully this is the start of a good relationship. 

But don’t miss the point here for the weeds:

Had he stuck to his guns with his invoicing software, I would’ve gone elsewhere. 

Yet an invoicing app is often the very last thing a freelancer thinks of when starting their business. I know it was for me. 

And yet, as overlooked as it is, you can’t downplay its importance: 

It can be the difference between getting paid or working for free. 

And this applies to more than just freelancers too. 


Hit reply if you’d like to make more moolah every time you send an email. 


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