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an even cooler book offer I saw recently (this’n persuaded me to actually buy it)

Few weeks back, I shared the story of Laura Belgray’s book launch offer for her book Tough Titties: On Living Your Best Life When You're the F-Ing Worst.

Her offer?

If you purchased a certain number of books during her pre-launch, you got an invite to an NYC cocktail party.

While this ‘twas a cool offer, it didn’t make me purchase her book.

But I recently saw another pre-launch book offer in which I did buy 10 copies.

The book?

Why’d I buy Joshua’s book and not Laura’s?

(And more importantly, why did I buy 10 copies of Joshua’s book during his pre-launch?)

Well, Joshua’s bonuses were superior to Laura’s, plain and simple.

While an NYC cocktail party sounds fun, I live 8 hours from NYC and so it wasn’t relevant to me.

But Joshua offered everyone who pre-ordered 10 books all his courses.

Courses which will make me a heaping sum of moolah back once I go through ‘em and implement ‘em. In fact, Joshua offered nearly $3,000 worth of bonuses for spending ~$200 for 10 copies of his book.

(If’n you’re unfamiliar with Joshua, he’s one of the world’s best ghostwriters for books, understands direct response marketing at a deeper level than most, and he’s also a trained hypnotist… howzat for a “talent stack?” And this also makes his courses extremely relevant to yours truly.)

Moral of the story?

When you’re launching a new product or service, many people—if not, all people—will buy more for the bonuses you throw in than the actual product itself.

I have no need for 10 copies of the same book (and I’m gonna figure out a way to give them away for free, or as a bonus for something…).

But I bought 10 copies because it gave me access to everything else Joshua created.

And you know what?

This created a win-win situation for both parties involved:

I get access to almost $3,000 worth of content for ~$200.

And Joshua gets #1 best selling status on Amazon (which will bring him in more revenue than if I paid him the full $3,000 for his courses).

If you figure out a way to create these truly win-win scenarios for you and your customers or clients, you’ll never go broke.

Need help with this—or with the email side of the equation of product launches?

Grab a time here, and let’s see if working together makes sense.


P.S. Since I have 9 extra copies of Joshua’s book, I might give them away at some point (or add them as a bonus to something I do). Keep your eyes peeled if’n you’d like one.

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