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AI makes me scream “human, human, human” until my vocal cords erupt

Think AI’s gonna replace us?

Well, I wouldn’t be so sure, sucker.

Quick story why:

If’n you (or your clients) have a Klaviyo account, then you probably already have first-hand experience of the story I’m about to tell.

But Klaviyo’s AI chatbot is the bane of my existence.

When you reach out to Kllaviyo’s support team via their chat feature, instead of being in a queue to talk to a human—yanno, the way online customer service used to be handled, just a few short years ago—they instead have you interact with an AI bot. Not just any AI bot either, but one whose mom probably abused drugs and alcohol while pregnant with him, dropped him on his head several times, and never showed him any TLC (Time, Love, & Care) that all AI bots need to grow up into respectable professionals.

This AI bot is one of the peak stupidity ones.

Y’see, the original goal of this AI bot is fairly simple:

Field customer support questions, direct customers to relevant articles if’n they exist, and, if not, ship ‘em off to a human customer support rep.

And yet, even a job as simple as this… a job I could teach my 10-year step-sister to do in a day, it can’t do to save its non-existent life.

The other day, I had a type of question that no Klaviyo help article could answer. And instead of sending me to a human who could help, this AI bot kept trying to shove unrelated help articles down my throat.

Having already had a few run-ins with this bot, I knew it wouldn’t be able to answer my question before I even asked. Yet, that didn’t stop this bot:

To prove its worthiness as a not-quite-sentient-but-not-quite-not-sentient being, instead of doing its job, it referred me to the same help article again and again and again and again and again.

In fact, I even had to repeatingly type…









Over and over again and it STILL wouldn’t listen.

(Eventually it caved in, after typing “human” 20-some times.)

Yet, if you hop into the right circles on social media, you’ll see people praising AI as if it's our new god.

The truth is…

AI ain’t replacing anyone anytime soon (not even customer service reps, who will probably be on the first chopping block to go).

So if you’re still relying on AI to pump out persuasive email copy?

Think again.

Even with better “pRoMpTs” as the AI zealots like to screech, it still ain’t coming close to replacing a halfway decent copywriter (let alone, someone as skilled as your humble narrator here).

Need help sticking it to the AI bots—while also jazzing up your email sales to sights unseen?

Grab a time here, and let’s chat.


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