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AI fail

I gave AI another chance the other day…

And it made me stronger in my convictions that AI just kinda sucks.

Yes, this even includes the “prompt bros” who screech about how you need better prompts if’n you want better results from AI.

Here’s what happened:

I recently got access to a pretty sophisticated and in-depth prompt guide for AI, particularly when it comes to writing emails. And so, I decided to give it a try.

I made a few tweaks here and there (because I’m probably a better email copywriter than the dude I got the prompt guide from), but otherwise, I kept the main prompt details in tact.

Before I submitted my request to ChatGPT, it felt like I wrote a book:

I included pain points, demographic and psychographic intel, the angle I wanted ChatGPT to spit out. I told it to imagine it has decades worth of experience writing emails to said target audience, and to write emotional copy. I taught it how to write good emails by sharing successful emails I wrote. I gave it a word limit, a reading level it had to stay under, and gave it all the details of the product I wanted to promote.

The result?

Well, ChatGPT spit out something a little better than it normally does.

But here’s the thing:

It took me a good amount of time to write the story-sized prompt to ChatGPT. In fact, I probably could’ve written the email myself in the time it took me to write the prompt.

Worst part?

When I got back ChatGPT’s copy, I still couldn’t use it as is. I had to make edits, and completely rewrite it in parts.

By the time I finished, I don’t know if I had as good of an email as I would’ve if I wrote it myself. And it took waaaaaayayayayayayay longer.

Now, mayhaps I’m doing it wrong… but I’m also a copywriter who understands how to write copy.

If you’re not a copywriter, good luck getting ChatGPT to spit out anything that doesn’t sound like a robot or writes the most generalized, vague, and uninteresting copy.

(remember cully, boredom is the death of the sale)

Moral of the story?

You can't spell fail without AI...

Jokes aside, AI can be useful. But it’s also propped up by lazy hypebeasts who can’t write good emails fast like I can.

But AI is not the god many would have you believe. Unless your god is a vague robot who can only handle writing generalized copy that sounds like it came out of a, well, a robot.

Need help writing emails that convert (and don’t sound like a robot)?

I’m many leagues more expensive than ChatGPT. But my copy works, and won’t require you to waste a lick of your time “getting it ready” to go out to your audience


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