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As a kid, Dragon Ball Z was one of my go-to shows to watch and video games to play. There’s just something about a group of warriors fighting, and pushing themselves past their limits that gets my T-levels soaring. In fact, I even have a memory of wrestling with my friends at the time, wearing an absurd amount of clothing so I could rip them off because there was once a time when I thought the characters in Dragon Ball Z powered up because their clothes ripped and screamed at the top of their lungs.

No matter how many obstacles the Z Warriors faced, they could always break through their limits—as long as they kept training. And train hard they did, especially the two full-blooded Saiyans in the show: Kakarot (which is Goku’s Saiyan name) and Vegeta.

But training never yielded particularly quick results:

In the Freeza saga, sure, Kakarot flew to the planet Namek, and, training under 100x gravity was able to unlock incredible feats in just a short 6 days. But it took Freeza exploding his best friend to unlock Super Saiyan, where his hair turned yellow, his strength doubled, and he defeated Freeza.

But it also took Kakarot dying several times to unlock Super Saiyan 2 and Super Saiyan 3.

Or take Vegeta for example:

I watched a YouTube Short the other day about how old Vegeta was when he got each new transformation. And despite his lack of patience, nothing shows more patience and persistence than Vegeta’s Super Saiyan journey.

He had a Mission (with a capital M) and would let nothing come between him and Super Saiyan:

* Not living on a completely new planet (Earth) and staying on it

* Not falling in love with a main character or planting his seed in her

* Not even having a newborn baby, which, when Vegeta was a younger dad, he could care less about Trunks because he still hadn’t achieved Super Saiyan

* Not taking L after L after L after L as he did in the beginning of Dragon Ball Z

Nothing stopped him, and he’s better off for it. (In fact, despite being the show’s main villain at first, Vegeta has since become the best character. He’s had the most character growth. He drops the most badass motivation speeches. And he’s even a better dad than Goku.)

To bring this point home:

Vegeta was first introduced in the series at 29. He was the “big bad” of the show, and easily the strongest… that is, until Goku came back from the dead after training on 10x gravity on King Kai’s world and unlocking new techniques that pushed him over the edge against Vegeta in a time long before either of them could go Super Saiyan.

Well, 5 years after first showing up on Earth and in the series, Vegeta still couldn’t go Super Saiyan.

But this time, Goku had already achieved it. Also, Trunks (Vegeta’s son) came back from the future as a teenager, and showed off his Super Saiyan skills when Mecha Freeza came back for his revenge on Planet Earth.

But Vegeta didn’t let this stop him.

In fact, he used it as fuel:

6 years after he first appeared in the series, Vegeta finally achieved Super Saiyan… When was the last time you dedicated yourself to something for 6 straight years?

Even though I’m quickly coming up on the 4-year anniversary of starting my business, which seems like forever in hindsight, if I was Vegeta, I still wouldn't have unlocked Super Saiyan yet.

Then another 7 years later (or maybe slightly before… there was a time skip in the series, so we don’t know exactly when Vegeta unlocked this next transformation), Vegeta unlocked Super Saiyan 2 at the age of 42.

And after Vegeta unlocks Super Saiyan, something magical happens:

Unlocking newer and stronger transformations became easier.

He unlocks Super Saiyan God and Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan (which was later rebranded as Super Saiyan Blue) five years later.

Best part?

Unlike Goku, who unlocked this transformation through a Saiyan ritual (a short cut), Vegeta learned how to harness god ki by himself. Maybe because of his ruthless dedication to training earlier in the series, or maybe it’s just Maybelline.

Then, just one year later after unlocking Super Saiyan Blue, he also unlocks Super Saiyan Blue Evolution, a transformation even stronger than Blue.

And another year later, at 49 years old, he unlocks Ultra Ego—which allows him to tap into the power of the God of Destruction. He might be stronger than Goku right now. And in the last movie (spoilers ahead), Vegeta finally got his revenge on Goku, damn near 20 years after their first fight, when he defeated Goku for the first time ever in a sparring match.

As Vegeta got stronger, he also realized that he had to do different things than what he’s done to get where he wants to go.

(Lesson in there)

For example, in Dragon Ball Super (where the main characters unlock Super Saiyan God and above), you see Vegeta meditating more, thinking less during training, and practicing more patience than he ever has before.

I say all that to say this:

As Vegeta demonstrates, growth isn’t linear.

As long as you stay disciplined, motivated, and working to achieve a goal, failure can fast track your growth.

Failure defines Vegeta throughout Dragon Ball Z.

Not only did Goku beat him to Super Saiyan, but so did his time-traveling son. Plus, Goku and Gohan beat him to Super Saiyan 2.

Not only did Vegeta take L after L, but he even let himself get tempted by evil as a last-ditch effort to become stronger than Goku… and when he realized his mistake, he sacrificed himself for his family and loved ones.

And this makes Vegeta’s character development far more fleshed out than any other character in the series.

The same can happen for you too. As long as you take some lessons from the Prince of all Saiyans himself.

Anywho, I’m running out of room here:

Hit reply if you need help unlocking a Vegeta-esque transformation in your email revenue. We might not be able to make 60% of revenue from email from the jump… but we will if we stick with it, as has happened to several of my clients.


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