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A stupid (and simple) way to improve focus and productivity

Today’s email is gonna be simple and straightforward as I write from the mountains of somewhere in West Virginia. 

All I have for you today is a stupid way to improve your focus and productivity that even I sometimes make the mistake of making. 

You might be able to relate. 

Anyway, here goes nothing:

Whenever I go to the gym in the morning, before I even write a word of copy (and barely even check my emails), I write better copy. 

I get better ideas. 

I’m more focused. 

I’m more productive. 

And, I’m even a whole lot happier when I’m writing (which also makes a direct contribution to my copy). 

Not that I walk around like a sad sack of shyt without going to the gym. 

But there is a noticeable difference between when I write copy before going to the gym and after. 

And I prefer my after. 

Methinks you will too. 

Of course, this may require getting up a little earlier and being a little more tired at the beginning of your day. 

But tis true. 

I know I’ve written about this before. But repetition is how you learn. And repetition with action is how you drill it into the very soul of your being. 

But sometimes life gets in the way. I ain’t perfect, nor do I pretend to be. I even forget some of my lessons. 


Need help turning stupid, non-stories like this one into cold, hard cashola? 

Hit reply, and let’s chat. 


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