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a running story about copy, business, and life

Years and years and years and years ago, I considered myself a runner.

I competed in 5k runs all around my city. I ran at least 3 or 4 times a week. At the height of my running “career,” I ran a 5-minute mile.

I’ve had an on again and off again relationship with running ever since.

I’d take months-long, nay, years-long hiatuses from running.

Then, I’d get back into it from time to time.

For example:

Back in April 2019—about a few months before reigniting my lifting “career,” which I have a much more loving and healthy relationship with, I might add—I ran 62.73 miles in one month. I followed that up by running 44.24 miles in May before twisting my ankle to the point where I couldn’t put any pressure on it for an entire week.

(I still have nightmares of me crawling up my stairs on me hiney.)

Here’s why I bring it up:

A couple of months ago, the lifting program I followed prescribed some running.

Since injuring myself, I haven’t run much. And so, I wasn’t excited.

The result?

My once 5-minute mile transformed into a barely-breaking-15-minute-mile.

And I’m much healthier (and stronger) as of a few months ago than I was when I ran a 5-minute mile. The irony is not lost on me.

Which brings me to the point:

You’re only gonna get better at what you practice.

When I started lifting again after covid let gyms reopen, I was weak. But my strength came back much faster than I expected. Within 3-6 months, I was setting new PRs in the gym.


Because I lifted at least 4 times a week (and more like 6 times a week) for a year before covid happened.

That’s the selfish reason I send these daily emails:

To get my “reps” in, yes. But also to keep my muscle memory sharp.

Because you lose what you don’t use. Case in point: my 5-minute mile.

But this brings up another important lesson:

Instead of focusing on your weaknesses (in my case, running), focus on your strengths (in my case, lifting).

Not only will you have better results by focusing on your strengths, but you’ll get more joy from the process too.

And y’know what?

You can outsource your weaknesses to someone who not only will get better results than you, but gets more joy out of the process too.

Case in point:

Your emails and email strategy.

Instead of beating your head against the wall coming up with email ideas, you can outsource it to a professional like… cough, cough, yours truly… and watch the cashola roll in while you go enjoy your lavish new lifestyle.

Best part?

This applies to anything — not just running or email marketing.


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