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A hidden reason you should hire freelancers

Yesterday, I sent an invoice to one of my clients.

This particular client pays on time. We’ve worked together for about a year or so, give or take. And that presented him with a unique opportunity—and a massive “perk” for choosing a freelancer instead of an employee.

The perk?

Well, this particular client recently invested heavily in a new shipping facility which will pay for itself over time. Problem is, it ain’t paying for itself right now. And it’s caused some cash flow issues.

Now, there are plenty of ways we can fix this cash flow problem… But we started with the simplest and most obvious:

After I sent him the invoice, he asked if I could push it back a week.

My response?


Y’see, since he pays on time and we have a good working relationship, I know he’ll pay on the updated due date. Sure, I could’ve used the money now… But I don’t need it. (Which is yet another benefit of being anti-needy.)

And, would you look at that, we’ve arrived at the point of this email:

If I was an employee, he’d have to pay me on the first and fifteenth no matter what.

Plus, he’d have to pay taxes on my behalf. Probably would’ve had to buy me a laptop. And the list goes on.

But business owners don’t have this same problem with freelancers.

Now, don’t misunderstand what I’m saying here:

If this becomes a habit, we’ll have problems.

And I wouldn't have answered yes if we didn’t already work together for over a year.

But since we have, I did.

(And I have other ideas on how to fix the investing-induced cash flow problems we have right now.)


Two things before I wrap:

I’m currently working on a course for freelancers. If you’re a fellow freelancer, hit reply to this email, and send me any questions you have about freelancing. No question is off limits. And to quote the Kelce bros (from one of my favorite podcasts at the moment):

There are no dumb questions. Only dumb people. ;)

If you’re a fellow business owner, and wanna see the perks of working with one yourself, hit reply, and let’s hop on a quick call.


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