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9 ways to provide value that ain’t got diddly squat to do with revenue

In came a question from a fellow reader:


My only thing is if [a company is] already emailing a lot, I don't know how I can add so much more value to their business?


Here’s the context:

He’s a fellow email copywriter who booked a meeting with a company who already emails a lot, so he wasn’t sure how to persuade them to sign up for his services.

My solution?

First, you have to listen to their problems and pain points first. They’ll tell you everything you need to know to land them as clients. Act like a doctor, and prescribe solutions as your “patients” tell you their problemos.

Second, realize there are millions of other ways to provide value without increasing revenue for your clients.

Many times maintaining revenue suffices. Now, this depends on the client and their problems. If they’re barely staying afloat, yes, you’re gonna need to increase their revenue.

But if their emails convert well? And your emails convert *almost* as well, you’re still freeing up their time to work on higher level stuff.

Anywho, before I go on a tangent, here’s the 9 ways to provide value that ain’t got diddly squat to do with revenue.

(Pay attention even if you’re not an email copywriter too because any copywriter you hire should also provide these “benefits.”)

1. Freeing up their time

2. Improving email deliverability/list hygiene

3. They don't have to go through HR or pay your taxes to work with taxes. Meaning you can charge more (and still be less expensive than bringing someone in house).

4. Caring for them

5. Being their friend

6. Being someone to bounce ideas off of — it’s much easier to prescribe solutions when you’re not as close to the biz as the owners (this is the Obvious Adams story irl)

7. Being the expert

8. Helping them decide if other softwares/people/agencies make sense

9. Coming up with new marketing solutions (even if you’re not “in charge” of running them)

Of course, there are many other ways to provide value too.

But these ones are good enough to get you started.

And as a biz owner looking to work with any kind of service provider… the above list is a list of green flags.

And yanno what?

Not to pat myself on my back too hard, but I do all the above for my clients. To the point that one of my clients referred to me once as the son he’s never had and always wanted. Coolest client testimonial I’ve gotten to date. Notice how it has nothing to do with revenue either, even though the revenue I helped him unlock is part of the reasons we’ve worked together for over 3 years.

Wanna see how this works in real life?


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