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What a stupid subject line right?

Yet, you opened it, didn’t you?


This subject line is one I picked up from Chris Orzechowski’s Make It Rain Monthly newsletter. I forget what Chris called this borderline obnoxious subject line, but I like thinking of it as an emoji bomb.

While I haven't used a version of this for any of my clients yet, it’s something I will test in the near future.

And the way I see it?

These subject lines work best during sales.

Instead of spamming people with the typical “lAsT ChAnCe” type emails, why not spam them to death with two relevant emojis?

Methinks the “shock factor” will boost the open rates — especially when you’re competing against every other email copywriter, like during Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

Two quick points before I release you from my spell:

1. Don’t overuse this technique or emojis in general.

I’m not a fan of adding emojis to every subject line. It waters down the times you do send emojis. And I suspect at least one of the reasons you opened this one is because this is the first time I’ve used emojis in a subject line.

2. This subject line “works” for no rhyme or reason.

It reminds me of the cheeseburgers? subject line story I wrote to you about a while ago.

Here’s what I mean:

It doesn’t fit into any of the “best practices” of subject lines.

Readers get no “valyooooh” from it.

There’s no benefit for them either.

It doesn’t hit a pain point. Or promise to fix all their problems.

It’s not short or to the point. In fact, clowns and crowns have nada to do with the email.

The only thing it got going for it is that it’s slightly curiosity-provoking.


Yet, you opened it…

Which brings me to the point:

The only reason “subject line rules” exist is for you to break them.

Break them as often as you can and watch what happens.

You might find yourself getting such high open rates (and sales) that other, lesser email marketing gurus can only wet dream about.

Or not.

But it’s an important thang to test either way.

Need help writing obnoxious emails like these that make you a metric f*ckton of cash money?

Book a call if you have a proven offer and list and let’s boogie down to electric avenue and we'll grow our money higher.

No offer or list?

I’ll give you a crisp, one-time 50% commission for any new client you send my way. (Which could be an extra couple thousand for doing close to no work.)

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