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Increase Your Email Sales By 264.1% (or more) Every Month 

I help alternative health and supplement companies avoid the spam folder, boost their email sales, and create more loyal customers with my weird email style.

Hi, I'm John Brandt

A former touring bassist turned professional health email copywriter. Book a Discovery Call with me today to discover how my "Profit First Email System" helps you create more consistent and reliable email sales. 


Put Email Marketing On "Easy Mode" 

Here's Why Alternative Health & Supplement Companies Work With Me
To Generate More Revenue With Email Every Month

Increase Your Email Sales

Without offering discounts in every email or increasing your ad spend. My "Profit First Email System" creates quick wins every time you hit send. And my "Automation Magic" System helps you maximize your profitability.

Create Raving Fans And Referrals

Heavily-designed HTML emails might make short term sales, but they sacrifice your profits in the long term. My personal emails that seem like they're from a friend helps you instantly stand out and create an engaged (and loyal) customer base.

Spend Less Time Writing Emails

Some companies spend an entire 8 hours designing pretty HTML emails. My "ugly" email style is fast, generates more sales, and builds a more engaged audience. 

Offer Less Discounts (Without Sacrificing Sales)

Stop Getting Sent To Spam

Many brands lose out on more profits because their emails wind up unopened in spam. I'll help you avoid "Spam Triggers" so your emails hit the primary inbox more consistently.

Launch Wildly Successful New Products

Too many alternative health and supplement companies "Discount Pimp" their list. While this can result in quick sales, it conditions your list to devalue your products. My wacky email style doesn't require discounts to make sales. 

Have you ever launched a new product that completely failed? What if every new product you launch generated an extra $20-$69k in revenue? With my weird email style, these ultra successful product launches are the norm, not the outlier.

We're A Good Fit If... 

  • Your emails keep landing in spam

  • You're worried about Big Tech censorship and their ever-changing policies 

  • You're not making consistent sales through email 

  • You need to offer discounts to make sales 

  • You don't want to always increase your ad spend in order to make more sales 

  • Your email open rates are in the gutter

  • You're an expert in your market 

  • You're leaving money on the table every month because of your automations 

  • You want to scale your business and work less 

  • You want to build a loyal following that makes your competitors irrelevant

  • You want to bankrupt-proof your business 

  • You don't want to worry about claims getting you shut down by the FDA 

Case Study:

5 Emails. One Week. $49,889.08 Richer.

How to launch new products and sell out your inventory (and your supplier’s inventory) with ugly, plain-text, story-based emails. 

I recently helped a supplement client launch a new product. We generated $49,889.08 in profit from 5 emails — and my client and his supplier both completely sold out of this product. When I sent a "sneaky" update email, we created an additional $20,957.14 in revenue. 

This campaign generated additional $70,846.22 in revenue from only 6 emails — and will continue to bring in money every month (once it comes back in stock). Download the case study below:


martin headshot.jpg

Martin Pytela

Every time we send an email, we sell out of whatever product we're promoting.

Kristina headshot.png

Kristina Hess

John Brandt has been a game changer in my business. He is timely, responsive, and most importantly an excellent copywriter. My emails are being opened and read more frequently, and it has improved my relationship with my clientele. Relinquishing email marketing to John was the best decision. I didn’t have the desire or emotional bandwidth to be writing regular emails and John has taken something I don’t enjoy off my plate. It’s his genius zone and not mine. If you need support in this area, you will be thrilled to have him on your team.

jenya headshot.jpg

Jenya Nemirovsky

We hired John to work on content for our newsletter campaigns, based on a recently created tone of voice for our company. John was able to adapt that voice and immediately began producing outstanding newsletters, just as we envisioned. As a result, the open rates and conversions went up. John is quite fast with turnaround times and is a versatile writer. He understands what needs to be done and delivers with excellent results!

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