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Why you ain’t a real copywriter unless you get 7.1% click through rates

Checky this screenshot I just grabbed from my client’s Infusionsoft account:

7.1% click through rates is N-SANE.

Especially considering that this client typically gets around 2% click through rates (or lower) when we send out normal campaigns.

I got a couple of lessons about the screenshot ahead:

First, let’s rap about why Infusionsoft sucks.

Usually when I “poast fizeek” (aka post screenshots of the revenue my emails generate for my clients), I include the actual revenue numbers. But Infusionsoft is so much of a dinosaur email software that they don’t even show revenue numbers. That said, I suspect both emails generated an absurd amount of revenue — the 7.1% (and even the 1.7%) click through rates prove that the offer we’re promoting is a hot button for folks on our list.

Second, why the disparity between the 7.1% click through rates and the 1.7%?

Even though you can’t tell from the screenshot, both emails—barring a few words—are the exact same. So why did one email get 7.1% click through rates while the other one only got 1.7%?

Well, it’s because the 7.1% group is our buyers list, while the other one is our leads list.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again:

Current customers are more profitable than new customers. In this specific case (based on click rates alone, which I admit aren’t the most accurate way to gauge revenue, but that’s what we have to do since Infusionsoft is the worst email software this side of the Mississippi), more than 4x more profitable.


Well, I ain’t got a third point besides warning you again from using Infusionsoft.

So, I’ll leave you with this:

If you wanna put up similar numbers in your business through email, book a time here, and let’s talk shop.


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