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Why real direct response ecom owners are a rare breed

Quick story for you today:

Last night, I had a 7-minute sales call with an absolute killer in the game of direct response ecom.

This dude has a full conversion optimization team… a full team of Klaviyo strategists… a full team of testers (for different angles and variations in every email)... a team of copywriters… and the list goes on.

In the almost 4 years of running my business, I’ve never met an ecom brand owner who bit the direct response bug quite like this guy.

The result?

When I reached out to him via cold email (well, when my team reached out to him via cold email) with an offer that oozes with intrigue and possibility, he shot me down saying that he makes WAY more than my offer, well, offered.

(But since he liked my hook, we still hopped on a call.)

But it made me realize something:

Almost everyone who calls themselves a direct response copywriter ain’t one. Sure, they’ve probably read the right books and studied the right OGs of direct response.

But direct response ain’t just a buzzword. It’s a way of life.

For example, one of the controls he showed me during our call used a plain-text strategy (duh), but also had a gray background around the copy. (The words were on a white background, per usual, but either side of the email had gray.)

He told me this style (while he personally hates it and doesn't understand it) has a higher conversion rate than an all-white background.

That’s the level of time and attention he puts into testing.

And that’s why his business, at least from my vantage point, is at least a multimillion dollar per year business.

Compare this to one of my current clients who claims to be data-based, but doesn’t understand direct response:

We had a 90 minute call yesterday where I had to explain to her the difference between Klaviyo lists and segments for the entire first half. Instead of focusing on things that can make an impact, she wanted to focus on things that would make the teeniest impact, if any at all.

(I’ll let you guess whether this is one of my higher or lower paying clients… and I think it may be time to hike my prices up even higher…)

Anywho, moral of the story?

Embracing a direct response mindset can skyrocket your revenue and your impact.

But it requires a lot of work.

So, if you need help implementing more of a direct response approach to your email strategy, grab a time here and let’s see if we’re a good fit.


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