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Why I predict Tom Brady will fail this year

For context: I’m writing this email the week before football season begins.

And I have a hot take:

Tom Brady’s gonna be a massive failure this year. (I’m gonna keep this email in my autoresponder too, so we’ll know if this preseason prediction comes true or not.)


Well, he retired for a few weeks before this season began. But then he shocked the sports world when he unretired.

Fast forward to training camp:

Brady missed 11 days of training camp, something he’s never done in his 23 year career. Many folks in sports media assumed he competed in Dancing with the Stars. Maybe. But he recently came out after rejoining his team citing that life’s hard when you’re 45. Can’t blame him. He has a family, business priorities, and more to balance along with football.

Then, in a recent podcast interview, Brady gave more context to his unusual time off. He mentioned how his oldest son was playing high school football this year. That football requires a lot of sacrifice. And he hinted there might be family drama between him and his supermodel wife, Gisele.

(Fun fact: she’s worth about $150 million more than Tom if’n you believe Google net worth searches.)

In fact, rumor has it Gisele was the #1 reason Brady considered retiring. And rightly so, parenting by yourself (and sacrificing your career) is a high price to pay. Especially for a supermodel.

Anyway, one of the things Brady has been best at during his career was avoiding distractions, buckling down, and giving his all to football. He studies like crazy. Winning flows through his blood (and I’m admitting that as a devout Brady “hater”). And he’s still dominating the league run by 20-year-0lds at age 45.

But he’s gonna fall off this year.


He won’t be able to avoid all the distractions, especially because they’re coming from his own home.

Which brings me to the point:

Whether you’re married to a supermodel and the “best” quarterback of all time or living in your parent’s basement while you hustle to grow your business…

Sometimes the people closest to you—the very ones you love the most and who love you the most—are the ones trying to bring you down.

It’s the ole’ the crabs in the bucket try to pull the one climbing out back down to them analogy.

Cliché, yes, maybe. True, yes, absolutely. Especially, as Tom Brady himself proves, the more success you experience.

Sumtin to think about. Especially as you grow and expand.


Wanna turn seemingly pointless emails about celebrities into cold, hard cashola into yoru bank account like this email here?

If you have a proven offer and an email list, let’s make more magic happen than Brady experienced throughout his career. (Spoiler alert—and yes, this is my hater talking—he had a shytton of luck.)


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