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Try these turn of phrases to spice up your copy

One of the best ways to “practice” writing without actually writing is by reading stuff you enjoy. Whether it be sales letters, books (especially fiction), emails, screenplays, etc. While this is hardly news to anyone, the unfortunate truth is most avid readers today read not for fun or enjoyment, but instead to “level up” in some capacity. 

Nothing wrong with this per se, but it deprives you of one of the best values of reading: 


The information age has long since passed, and we’re officially in the entertainment age. If you can’t create entertaining content, then your content will die a slow and painful death. 

It just so happens that by making your emails more entertaining, they become more persuasive. People like to buy from other people they know, like, and trust. And when you entertain them and they enjoy your content, you create lifelong fans. 

Anywho, since I’ve been reading much more fiction recently, I’ve started to jot down turn of phrases I’ve read in various books that either gave me a good chuckle or demonstrated how to write visual copy (fiction presents a masterclass in writing visual copy, which is perhaps the most effective copywriting “tactic” you can learn).

Without further ado…

Here are some of the turns of phrases I’ve jotted down in my notebook

  • Evil-smelling birds 

  • All your intestines had been seared with dry ice

  • Megapuppy 

  • Leave anxiety squirming in your guts like a parasite 

  • Sofa-dwellers 

  • Higgedly-piggedly 

  • Regular stabs of dread

I doubt these turns of phrases make much sense without context. There’s no hidden lesson with this email. Instead, it’s simply to show you how powerful words can be — and should make your brain go on a little brainstorming session next time you sit down and write. 

Anywho, let’s move onto bidness:

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