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The vorst type of vampire

Caution: these vampires will suck your money and energy dry.

I still have too much of this guru-y discharge on me since writing about Think and Grow Rich. And so, I wanna wipe some more of it off with admitting something that should get me banned from guru world forever:

I watch TV before I go to bed.

I like to watch something light and comedic to give me a few chuckles before checking into dreamland.

And so, my chick and I have been watching an FX show I just heard about called What We Do In The Shadows.

It’s a mockumentary style sitcom, following a family of vampires as they go on daily escapades.

It’s stupid, yes. But it can also be hilarious.


There are 3 “real” vampires in this family. These are the types of vampires that can morph into bats, suck your blood, live forever, and have that iconic Transylvanian accent.

But then there’s another type of vampire living amongst the family:

He’s as “real” as any of the other vampires. He lives forever, just like them. But he can’t morph into a bat, suck your blood, and he has a non-offensive American accent. He also looks like Dilbert, instead of a stereotypical vampire.

In fact, he’s the only vampire in the family who can prey on the other vampire in the family — as well as from any human bean he comes across.

And you know what?

You probably know a vampire like the one I’m alluding to…

They can disguise themselves as clients, customers, friends, advisors, partners, scammers, gurus, hacks, egirls, and I can keep going on.

They devour your energy, your time, your bank account (either directly or indirectly), your joy, your purpose, your mission.

And they’re everywhere. But unlike “real” vampires, garlic does nothing to these vampires.

Of course, I’m talking about energy vampires.

The show does a fantastic job of demonstrating how the energy vampire in the show feeds on his prey.

He has several different attacks:

* Boring his prey to death with uninteresting stories

* Trolling people on social media to feed on your anger

* Aggravating his roomates

* Complaining to his victims to feed off their pity

The list goes on.

Moral of the story?

I’m convinced even though he’s not a “real” vampire in the show, he’s the only type of vampire depicting irl vampires which may be trying to feed off you.

Some of the warning signs include:

* Clients who want to schedule endless meetings with you to feed off your productivity

* Customers who ask for a discount before placing their order to feed off your energy (and wallet)

* Trolls on social media who feed on your anger (and prevent you from getting your daily duties done)

* Friends who want to text you every minute of the day or want to get drinks every night of the week

* Family members who tell you that starting a business is too risky

* Gurus who feed on your inexperience (and wallet)

The list goes on.

Here’s the point:

There are energy vampires all around you. And the more you feed them, the more powerful you get.

Awareness is the first step.

I’ll leave the second step to you.


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I can’t make any promises, but if you have a proven offer and a responsive list, I may be underselling it…


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