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The trick for getting a 2,397.6% ROAS (return on ad spend)

True story:

Coupla days ago, I was crunching some numbers for a client and came across this mind-blowing stat:

If you plug my outrageous fees and the revenue I generate from email into an ROAS calculator, you get an absurd 2,397.6%.

Anything above a 400% ROAS is considered good. Anything over 800% considered fantastic.

Yet, I got a 2,397.6% ROAS???

Well, here’s where you gotta sprinkle some paprika on this:

ROAS is usually reserved for advertising campaigns.

But isn’t email also an advertising campaign?

Yes, but the audience is warmer. And warmer audiences convert much higher than cold audiences. (Obvious lesson in there)

Still, that won’t stop me from beating my chest and pressing these keys with BASS in my voice.

Because most marketers—even the best ones, and yes, I’m including email marketers too—can’t generate a 2,397.6% ROAS if’n their life depended on it.

But for moi?

It’s just another regular degular month.

(Well, besides the new automation I put together that created an extra $25k in revenue this month… more on that tomorrow.)

Moral of the story?

If you ain’t sniffing a 400%, let alone 800% or, in the case of my client, a 2,397.6% ROAS, book a call below:

Let me help you right that ship, partner.


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