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The rarely discussed key to success that trumps everything else

I’m in the process of building a course to help new freelancers hit their first $100k year. As such, I’ve been thinking (and writing) a lot about my freelancing beginnings, which happened in 2019.

When I first decided that I would become a freelancer, I had a lot of obstacles in my way:

First, I picked mayhap the worst niche possible. After sending 300 or so cold emails to this niche, I received not a single response. Not even a fvck off. And definitely not a “yes, I’d love for you to write emails.”

Then, I changed my niche, and started getting some responses. But I blew the first several sales calls so hard that it might’ve made most people give up completely.

At the time, I still had a full-time job… But I gave myself a deadline to quit.

Well, that day came and passed. And I still had no clients lined up.

With only one partial check coming in from my day job, I had to figure out how to swim fast, otherwise I would’ve sank.

Obviously, since I’m telling this story 4 years after it happened, I figured it out.

But there’s one key reason I succeeded that anyone can apply to their business, whether you’re selling a service, products, infoproducts, what have you.

The key?


Y’see, I hoped (and believed… down to the marrow of my bones) that I would succeed.

This is what enabled me to work 12, 16, and sometimes 18 hour days at the beginning when I needed to figure out how to replace my day job income.

Because here’s the truth:

On your journey to success, there will be obstacles. These obstacles will make you wanna quit. But your mindset will keep you trucking along.

It’s almost like a test from the universe itself:

If you give up too quickly, then you don’t deserve the success you would’ve received if you stuck with it.

Many such implications of this lesson.

Anywho, time to handle bidness:

If you need help with your email marketing strategy and copy, hit reply.


P.S. Interested in my $100k Feelancer course?

It’s not ready yet, but hit reply if you’re interested. (I may even offer you a hefty discount for it…)

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