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The next 3 Ecom Cowboy Codes

A few days ago, I revealed the last 3 Ecom Cowboy Codes—which are codes, maxims, and principles I abide by when writing email copy, inspired by the great Ben Settle and The Beige Phillip Show.

As such, and as will be revealed in a Code today, after writing that email, I got a bunch more ideas for Codes, which I jotted down in my notes app.

(Lesson in there)

So, let’s dive into Ecom Cowboy Codes #7, #8, and #9.

Ecom Cowboy Code #7: Shooters beget shooters

I put more of my wordslinger “touch” on these next set of Codes, so here’s what this’n means in plain ol’ English:

Ideas beget ideas.

Emails beget emails.

Shooters beget shooters.

Which means?

The more often you “shoot,” the more ideas you get.

This is why, after writing the fourth, fifth, and sixth Ecom Cowboy Codes, my brain started pumping out Codes left and right.

This is why I write an (almost) daily email here—it gives me more ideas to pull from. Both for myself and my personal emails as well as for my clients.

And let me give a quick side story to this point:

A few years back, I was on a call with the esteemed Sean D'Souza, a brilliant marketer (and one of the few marketers who emphasize consumption, and not just attraction).

Anyway, I asked him a question about writer’s block.

His response?

Writer’s block doesn’t exist, just like “chef’s block” doesn’t exist. If a chef is blocked and don’t know what to make, then he just needs more ingredients.

And so it is with a writer struggling with the made-up “writer’s block.”

You don’t have writer’s block, you lack ingredients. And you can get ingredients from anywhere—from emails you write, from emails you read, from books you read, from YouTube videos you watch, yada yada yada.

(This is also why I write down every email idea I get in my notes app, so I don’t lose it to the abyss.)

Moving on:

Ecom Cowboy Code #8: One in the chamber is worth two in the coffer.

Told you I put more of a wordslinger touch to these’n.

So, what’s this’n mean?


Vibing from the past Code and what I said about consumption…

This’n means that retaining current customers is more profitable than acquiring new customers.

And you know what’s even more profitable?

Selling your current customers… wait for it… something else.

If someone has already whipped out their credit card once to pay you, there’s a 60-70% chance they’ll do it again. And again. And again.

Compare this to acquiring a new customer:

Not only does attracting new customers require some type of investment (whether money or time), but you also have a fraction of a chance at converting them. According to some (probably) bogus Google search, you only have a 5-20% chance of converting a new customer. And while the article is probably bogus, it’s still true.

But here’s the thing…

Attracting new customers is sexier. It doesn’t require you to actually create good products that encourage consumption, re-orders, and cross- and up-sales.

But the ace in the hole in your business is with your current customers.

Ecom Cowboy Code #9: Nuthin’ afeared

Last Code for today means this:

Recognize being afeared is behind each and every bad thing that can happen to you:

Fear’s behind:

* Procrastination

* Self-doubt

* A diminishing bank account

* Inaction

* Perfection

* Failure

* Success

And the list ne’er ends.

The solution to being afeared?

Acknowledging it if’n you must, but then moving forward anyway.

The more confidence you build at conquering your fears, the easier it’ll be. But the fear’s will also get stronger too—they don’t like it when wild wordslingers of the west like us show them for what they are: Nuthin’ but a chance to prove ourselves, our words, and our Codes to the world.

This won’t always be easy, but hey, who said being a wordslinger was?

Which brings me dahn to bid’nes:

If’n you need a wordslinger that can help you generate $100k/mo from email alone…

(, obviously you can’t be making $0 a month and expect to hit $100k/mo overnight… so use your noggin…)

But if you need to squeeze more juice from your email list—while giving them a form of Stockholm’s Syndrome where they even begin looking forward to opening, reading, and buying from each email, I’m your wordslinger.


The Wild Wordslinger of the West

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