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The easiest, quickest, and least painful way to double (or triple) your email sales

Most alternative health and supplements brands leave a lot of revenue on the table by not maximizing their email marketing. Not only is email consistently one of the highest ROI generators in marketing, but it’s far easier to write and send emails than worry about Facebook’s ever-changing ad policy, Google’s algorithm that changes with the wind, or waiting 10+ years for word-of-mouth referrals to pick up. This is especially true when you use my “weird” email ways — which you can read throughout the articles on this site.

So far, we’ve chit-chatted about:

Yet, the secret I’m about to share with you right now is more powerful than all these other methods combined.

And that ain’t it.

It’s also radically simpler.

In fact, it’s so simple that I don’t want you to write it off. Humans have a weird psychological “quirk” in that we discredit simple solutions.

But the most obvious solutions are the most powerful.

Take Obvious Adams for example.

Obvious Adams: The Story of a Successful Businessman is a short story written by Robert Updegraff allllll the way back in 1916.

It’s a must read for anybody who wants to improve their copywriting, messaging, marketing, or sales.

The gist of the story is this:

The story follows Obvious Adams as he embarks on his career — starting from a lowly grocery store and ending up being the most successful “adman” at the biggest advertising agency in New York.

But here’s the thing about ol’ Obvious Adams.

He never said something people didn’t already know.

He wasn’t great looking.

And he definitely wasn’t the smartest person in the room. In fact, he was usually the dumbest.

For example, after hearing Mr. Oswald (president of Oswald Advertising Agency — the biggest advertising agency in New York) speak at his school, here’s what Obvious Adams did:

He woke up the next morning and visited Mr. Oswald and told him he wanted to work for him.

When Mr. Oswald interviewed him, he noticed Obvious Adams lacked the kind of alertness you needed to succeed in advertising. So he shot Obvious Adams down.

Ol’ Obvious Adams didn’t beg for a job or anything like that. He simply did the obvious thing:

He told Mr. Oswald that he wanted to work in advertising and that he wanted to work for him. But since Mr. Oswald didn’t think that he had what it takes, he was going to set it out to prove to him that he could. And even though he wasn’t sure how he would do it, he’d figure out a way.

This shocked Mr. Oswald.

He never met someone as straightforward and obvious as Obvious Adams.

Fast forward 20 years and Obvious Adams became the vice president at Oswald Advertising Agency.

The book contains other stories of Obvious Adams working his way up this prestigious advertising agency by focusing on the most obvious results.

One quick example is from the Monarch Hat Company, a client of Oswald Advertising Agency. They had two stores. One hat store was selling hats faster than hotcakes. The other store couldn’t sell a hat to a balding man.

Nobody at Oswald Advertising Agency understood why. So the president brought the dilemma to Obvious Adams.

Obvious Adams went and checked out both locations. And almost instantly discovered the problem:

One storefront was visible on the corner of two prominent streets. The other was on the corner of Market Street, which was the main street. But Obvious Adams passed the building 3 times before he found it!

Turns out, the reason the second store wasn’t selling as many hats as the first is because it only had a narrow storefront window on Market Street and the other, bigger window was on a side street.

The Hats Weren’t Selling Because Nobody Could See The Store!

Almost nobody looked at the bigger window on the side street. And the window on Market Street was too narrow to see.

So when Monarch Hat Company’s lease was up for the second store that wasn’t selling, they moved locations and business boomed.

Okay, why’d I give you this long spiel about Obvious Adams?

Two reasons:

1. I want you to read Obvious Adams (available here on Amazon).

It’s a short read — less than 75 pages and each page has less than 150 words.

2. I want you to realize the importance of simple and obvious solutions before I reveal the simple and obvious solution to make more sales with your emails.

This second point is important.

Just Because A Solution Is Mind-Numbingly Simple Doesn’t Mean It’s Not Effective!

Alright, alright. Nuff’ teasing.

Ready for the obvious solution to make more sales with your emails? (Make sure you sit down beforehand because it’s shocking how simple this idea is…)




That’s right.

More Emails Always Means More Sales!

This is as true as the law of gravity itself. (Perhaps even more true because I’m sure this law holds its weight in space unlike gravity.)

Hey, I told you it’d be simple!

But here's the problem:

Most alternative health and supplement companies shy away from sending emails.

Many send only once or twice a week.

And even though their cash register cha-chings every time they hit “send,” many brands don’t make this obvious connection that:

More emails = more sales.

Whether they’re afraid too many people will unsubscribe if you bombard them with emails.

Or because they don’t know what to write about.

Or because they’re always running sales and can’t sacrifice losing profit margins to make a few quick bucks.

All are valid reasons.

But they’re also wrong — especially when you use my quirky email style.

Let’s tackle them one by one.

First, unsubscribes don’t matter.

People who unsubscribe from your list never would’ve become buyers anyway! They joined to get your free PDF or sample. But they never intended to buy.

So Good Riddance To These Folks Who Will Only Lower Your Deliverability And Increase Your Payments For Your Emailing Software.

Plus, when you use my email method, people enjoy your emails. They don’t feel bombarded by them even if you send 3 (or more) emails to them per day.


Because you’re telling stories, sharing secrets, and entertaining them.

Second, about not knowing what to write about.

This one has an easy solution too.

Write about anything mundane that happened in your life but tie it into your product at the end. (We discussed this in more detail in the storytelling article.)

Write a list of things everybody gets wrong about your product or niche. (For example, your subject line could be: 7 weight loss mistakes almost everyone makes.)

Share testimonials and success stories.

The list goes on and on.

Best part?

The more you write, the easier it gets!

Sounds counterintuitive but it’s true.

Let me prove it with a quick example:

I was recently in a meeting with the esteemed Sean D'Souza. Sean is a fantastic marketer, copywriter, and biz man.

During our meeting, I asked him about writer’s block.

His answer?

Chef’s never get “chef’s block.” Instead, they just lack ingredients to make a mouth-watering meal.

So it is in writing.

The more you write (and the more you read), the more “ingredients” you have.

Onto the last reason:

Shying away from sending emails because the only way you make sales is to offer discounts.

This is easily avoidable with my email system.

In fact, many of my clients NEVER run sales and still bring in a bunch of moolah with their emails.

But even if you've "conditioned" your customers to expect sales, you can simply increase your prices. (Which is, in itself, another obvious solution.)

You can even have a “we’re raising our prices sale” and say it’s the last time to ever get your products this cheap.

It'd surprise you how many customers still buy your products even after you raise your prices. You might lose a few customers. But you won’t lose revenue — instead you’ll increase revenue because you’re making more money and having higher profit margins.

Moral of the story?

Send more emails. Make more money.

Especially when you do it my way.

If you need help using my weird email style, I offer consulting services and a done-for-you ghostwriting system I call Profit First Emails.

If’n you’re interested, set up a discovery call with me using the link below:

But I’m not always accepting new clients depending on my schedule.

If you tried to book something, but the link above didn’t work, that means I’m not currently accepting clients.

In that case, use the link below to join my waiting list and you’ll be the first to know when a new client spot opens up.

John Brandt

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